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In line with MOH’s latest COVID-19 advisory, home physio-, occupational and speech therapy services will continue with heightened safety requirements.
Read our full health advisory and precautionary measures here.

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The need for home therapy and rehabilitation

Therapy and rehabilitation are important in helping adults and children regain independence in daily living and social activities.

For individuals recovering from surgery, stroke or a fall, therapy services can promote fuller and speedier recovery. Children with developmental conditions may also benefit from the recommended strategies an experienced therapist comes up with to support their development at home and in the community.

However, the results of therapy are often only visible after many sessions.

Those who require physiotherapy or occupational therapy may already be facing issues with mobility. Travelling to and fro can be dangerous or troublesome. Caregivers of those who need speech therapy, especially parents, are often tied up with various work and/or family commitments. Having to invest the time, money and effort, including the commute and wait times at the facility, can be off-putting for both the care recipient and caregivers. This can cause many to delay or skip therapy, which may lead to health complications.

How can home therapy help?


Restore physical function and mobility after injury, illness or surgery with exercises.



Learn, recover or maintain independence in your daily life, at work and at home.



Recover your speech, voice and swallowing functions in-person or through teleconsultation.


Recover in a familiar environment with home therapy

Those looking for a more convenient and affordable way to recover can consider home therapy.

By bringing therapy services to your doorstep or online, you can save time and effort travelling to and fro hospitals and facilities and skip the queues. Feeling at ease in a familiar setting can therapists and care recipients build better rapport, which can aid in the recovery process, especially for children and seniors. With home therapy, you’ll also get more one-to-one time with your therapist and receive a personalised care plan tailored according to your progress each session.

Being in a home environment will be especially helpful for an occupational therapist to better understand the unique lifestyle habits and living environment of the care recipient, allowing them to customise a personalised programme accordingly.

Quality care, privacy and a familiar environment are key to an individual’s wellbeing and recovery. Heal better with home therapy.

Why Home Therapy

Regain confidence

Improve independence in daily activities through a customized therapy plan

Hassle-Free Experience

Have the specialised therapy sessions in the comfort of your home and avoid the hassle of transport and long queues

Comfort & Safety

Home is where the heart is, and it can be where you get care too. Wherever you are, our specialists will come to you

Recover & Improve Mobility

Frequent therapy sessions will speed up recovery, ease pain, improve flexibility and help mobility

How home therapy with Homage works

Get home therapy in 3 simple steps.

STEP 1: Schedule your free Care Consult

Share your care needs with our Care Advisors and learn more about how our Care Professionals can help. Psst, we are open daily, even on weekends and public holidays.

STEP 2: Make a Care Plan together

Our Care Specialists will work with you to develop a personal Care Plan which details the recipient's health status, care needs and Care Professional preferences.

STEP 3: Receive care at your doorstep

We will match you and your loved one with the most suitable therapist. Once matched, you will receive a notification with the assigned Care Professional's profile in your Homage app.

As Seen In

As Seen In

Why Homage home therapists?

Highly Qualified

All Homage home therapists are Allied Health Professionals recognised by Singapore’s Ministry of Health and they specialise in different areas of therapy.

Strong local knowledge

Our all-local Care Professionals understand the cultural norms and speak a common language (or dialect) with your loved ones.

Only the top 10%

Only the top 10% of Homage Care Professional applicants qualify from our one-to-one interview, reference and key qualification checks.

Find the best match

Only the most suitable Homage Care Professionals from our pool of over 2,000 trained and certified local caregivers, nurses, therapists and doctors are assigned to care for your loved one.

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