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Understanding the need for speech therapy

To many Singaporeans, speech therapy is about the treatment of speech disorders such as stuttering. However, speech therapists actually help us with much more than that. Besides speech disorders, speech therapists also treat children and adults who develop issues with communication, swallowing and language understanding, which may arise during childhood or from conditions such as Parkinson’s, stroke or a brain injury.

Through accurate diagnosis and prescribing suitable exercises, speech therapy helps us regain independence, communicate effectively and resume activities of daily living.

As with most forms of therapy and rehabilitation, speech therapy takes time and patience. Often, you will have to go through regular sessions over many months before any visible improvement can be seen. Everyone grows at their own pace to achieve their goals but the key to recovery is to keep trying and never give up.

Speech therapy can improve

  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Speech impairments
  • Vocalisation problems
  • Language disorders
  • Effective communication
  • Social skills

Common conditions speech therapy is useful for


Speech therapy can help individuals with autism with their verbal, nonverbal, and social communication skills.


Treatment for head and neck cancers may affect one’s speech and swallowing abilities, which a speech therapist can help improve.

Cerebral Palsy

Speech therapy can help children and adult with cerebral palsy who face difficulties with speech, chewing and swallowing by improving oral motor skills.


Depending on the part of the brain, dementia may affect one’s speech and swallowing abilities, but speech therapy can help to slow the deterioration of these functions.


Parkinson’s may affect nerves and muscles that control our voice quality and fluency. A speech therapist may recommend exercises to improve muscle strength and suitable assistive devices.


Individuals often experience difficulty in speech and swallowing (dysphagia) after a stroke. Speech therapy can help to improve speech and prevent aspiration and choking.

Speech Therapy at Home

Speech therapy is usually conducted at a clinic or a hospital, in a group or one-to-one setting. But with advancements in technology, speech therapy is now more accessible than ever in Singapore.

Receive the guidance and support of a speech therapist in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply book an appointment online or through a call and a certified therapist will arrive at your doorstep. Save cost and the hassle of transport.

Enjoy greater independence and improved quality of life through speech therapy.

What do speech therapists do?


Our speech therapists will assess the severity of the care recipient’s condition from swallowing, language, speech or voice difficulties to determine the right help they need.


After the assessment, a personalised home speech therapy care plan will be prescribed to the care recipient.


Our speech therapists will guide the care recipient through the recommended exercises during the scheduled home speech therapy sessions.

Cost of Speech Therapy in Singapore

On average, home speech therapy costs approximately $180 - $240 per hour in Singapore, but care packages and subsidies are available to offset some of the cost.

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Top questions about Speech Therapy

Service FAQ

Who are the Homage speech therapists?

Homage speech therapists are individuals passionate and dedicated to caring for families in need. 100% Singaporean, they are certified under the Ministry of Health’s Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC).

Our speech therapists support families and individuals (children, adults and seniors) in the management and treatment of various conditions affecting a person’s ability to speak, communicate, eat and drink.

What should I expect during my first speech therapy session?

During your first speech therapy session, our therapist will first understand your medical history, assess your present condition and develop a personalised treatment plan to meet your needs.

What is the duration of a speech therapy session?

The duration of an in-home speech therapy visit will be one-hour long.

How many speech therapy sessions will I need?

Every individual’s recovery and rehabilitation journey is different. The speech therapist will be able to advise you of an appropriate treatment plan and frequency after the initial assessment.

Should I prepare anything for my speech therapy session?

There is no need for any preparation.

If you have any doctor’s referral letter, previous therapy/ medical reports or investigations (X-ray or MRI), we would recommend sharing this information with your speech therapist for a more thorough understanding of your condition for treatment.

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Great health care service provided to my mum who needed companionship at home. The staff were approachable, friendly, efficient, passionate and caring.

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