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Does your loved one need support with travelling to medical appointments? Homage’s medical escorts can care for your loved one while giving you real-time updates via our app.

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How can our medical escorts support you?

Homage’s trained medical escorts can bring your loved one from home to their medical appointments.  

Our Care Pros can take care of everything in-between — from toileting needs and personal care to accurately relaying doctor’s advice and collecting medicine for your loved one. 

What happens during a medical escort visit?

If your loved one needs support with getting to and from a medical appointment, Homage’s medical escorts will:

  • Meet your loved one at home
  • Arrange for a taxi, private hire pick-up, or a transport mode of your choice
  • Ensure your loved one transfers in and out of the vehicle safely
  • Accompany your loved one throughout the hospital or clinic visit
  • Note down and relay the doctor’s advice and memos to you via the Homage app
  • Collect any prescribed medication as well as discharge, health, and test reports
  • Arrange for a taxi or private car to bring your loved one back home
  • Accompany your loved one home safely, right to their doorstep

Why choose us for medical escort services

Get care from trained caregivers

Get peace of mind with the support of our trained Care Pros, who are CPR-certified.

Smooth booking process

With Homage’s care matching algorithm, you can book your sessions with ease.

Receive care from your preferred Care Pro

Found a Care Pro that suits you and your family? Request them for future visits for greater continuity of care.

Reviews from our customers

Accompanying your loved one to appointments when you are busy

“We are very grateful that Homage was so helpful and able to match our requirements with a fantastic Care Pro in such short notice.

Thanks to their help over the phone, we got a medical escort and mum made it to the appointment on time. Everything was done within 24 hours. Almost incredible. Not forgetting to point out, the Care Pro Levina was simply fantastic. Great communication, attention to details. A big thank you to the team at Homage.”

– Howard Ho, Google Review

Quality service, timely updates, and responsible Care Pros

“I have engaged Homage caregiver services to escort my elderly mum for her medical appointments. We have received quality services from two different Care Professionals thus far. The booking process has been seamless and the Homage staff took great care and responsibility to keep me updated when there is a match or changes to the assigned caregiver. The Care Professionals made my mum at ease, took great care of her and gave me timely updates via the app, keeping me with a peace of mind while I am busy at work.”

– Fang Fang Foo, Google Review

Receive important information from doctors

“I have had 3 requests completed so far with Homage and it’s definitely a pleasant experience from customer service all the way to the caregiver that was assigned to me. I have the fortunate caregiver who went extra mile to take down notes from the doc for my medical request to bring mom to specialist visit. Also the feedback system is awesome too where I can leave private feedback. Definitely will be using them for my future request!”

– SF Wong, Google Review

Cost of Medical Escort Services in Singapore

On average, medical escort services cost approximately $62 to $90 per round trip in Singapore, but care packages and subsidies are available to offset some of the cost.

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You may tap on government subsidies and payouts of up to $650/month for your home care needs if you have a disability. Book a Disability Assessment with Homage to find out and apply for eligible subsidies.

Daily Living Care

$ 23 /hour*
By local certified caregivers
You may tap on government subsidies and payouts of up to $650/month for your home care needs if you have a disability. Book a Disability Assessment with Homage to find out and apply for eligible subsidies.

How Homage works

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How it Works - Step 1

Set up a care plan and get matched to a Care Pro

How it Works - Step 2

Receive care from our Care Pros

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Book, manage and pay for visits all in one place

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Top questions about Medical Escort

Service FAQ

Who are Homage’s medical escorts?

Homage’s medical escorts are locals from all walks of life, who are passionate and dedicated to ensuring the well-being of care recipients and supporting families.

All our medical escorts have received accredited CPR certification and have undergone caregiver training. They are also required to go for a mandatory tuberculosis screening to ensure a clean bill of health.

Before an individual joins us as a medical escort, Homage conducts an interview to screen for personality, competency and scenario-based behaviour, in addition to comprehensive and stringent criminal record and reference checks.

When will I need to engage a medical escort service?

Our medical escorts can assist when you or your loved one needs to:

  • Attend doctor’s appointments at hospitals, polyclinics, and more
  • Visit daycare centres
  • Visit dialysis centres 
  • Travel to important functions

How quickly can I get a medical escort?

We aim to match a Care Pro to your requested visit within 2-3 days. For bookings made 1-2 days before the visit date, we will try our best to match a Care Pro.

What if the appointment takes longer than expected?

Our medical escort can provide real-time updates through the Homage app if the appointment takes longer than expected.

In most cases, our medical escorts will be able to continue caring for your loved one and complete the visit. If the medical escort is unable to stay for the extended care duration, our team will reach out to you to work out a solution together.

Do note that additional charges will be incurred should the care duration be extended.

What is the shortest duration for Homage's medical escort service?

The duration of Homage’s medical escort service starts from just one hour, depending on the expected duration of the appointment and your loved one’s care needs.

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