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Our team of local licensed doctors at Homage are here to respond to you or your loved one in the comfort and privacy of your home. Consult a doctor at your doorstep or via teleconsultations, anywhere in Singapore.

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Why we need prompt medical treatment and regular health screening

When we are feeling unwell, it can be difficult to get out of bed, much less make it to the clinic. Travelling to and fro home and hospitals or clinics may also be an issue, especially for those who are less mobile.

In Singapore, health screenings and medical checkups that are scheduled for 2-3 hours often end up becoming a full-day affair, and having to wait in line for hours to see a doctor when unwell can be off-putting, especially for those busy with work, school, family or other commitments.

Visiting doctors and going for checkups can also be an unsettling and stressful experience that we tend to procrastinate and avoid, due to the fear of having to face bad news and/or being put on long-term medication.

These reasons are why we often convince ourselves that our symptoms or health screening results are not serious enough to visit a doctor, choosing to stay home to rest and self-medicate instead. However, if our symptoms turn out to be an indication of a more severe health problem, delaying medical attention could lead to a later detection and reduce our survival rates.

How can Homage doctors help?

House Call Doctors

with a valid Practising Certificate

Get a doctor at your doorstep for:

  • Consultation
  • Health Screening
  • Simple Surgical Procedures
  • Death Certification
  • Medication Prescription


by local licensed doctors

Consult a doctor online for:

  • Cold and Flu
  • Migraine
  • Allergies
  • Skin Conditions
  • Chronic Condition Follow-up

Medication Delivery

at your doorstep

Get your medication delivered after a consultation for:

  • Acute Illnesses
  • Chronic Conditions

* Medication can only be prescribed and dispensed after a doctor’s consultation

Consult a doctor near you within hours

With house call doctors and teleconsultations, you can now save the hassle, cost and time of travelling to and fro home and hospitals or clinics.

Looking for a doctor’s consultation, health screenings or simple surgical procedures? Get access to quality medical care by licensed local doctors with different specialisations and experiences that best suit your care needs within hours.

House call doctors and teleconsultation can help to treat acute illnesses and manage chronic conditions. Your prescribed medication will be delivered to your doorstep on the same day. Specialist referrals and valid medical certificates can also be issued.

Your health should be a priority. Don’t delay health concerns. Get the care you need within hours, in the comfort of home, anywhere in Singapore.

How does Homage work?

For tele-consultations, download the Homage app and get connected to a doctor right away.

How it Works - Step 1

Speak to a Care Advisor

Call us at 6100 0055 or request a callback from our friendly Care Advisory team. Learn more about our range of services and find out how Homage Care Professionals can help.

How it Works - Step 2

Make a Care Plan together

We will work with you to develop a personalised Care Plan based on your loved one’s health status, care requirements, and additional preferences.

How it Works - Step 3

Your personalised care begins

Together we will match you and your loved ones with an exceptional Care Professional. Stay up to date after every appointment with detailed reports on the Homage app.

For tele-consultations, download the Homage app and get connected to a doctor right away.

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Top questions about Doctors Near Me

Service FAQ

Who are the Homage doctors?

All our doctors are 100% Singaporean and registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). Each individual undergoes stringent background and qualification checks, in addition to a face-to-face interview before joining Homage.

How do I find a doctor online?

If you would like to consult a doctor online, Homage doctors can help. Simply download the Homage app, book a consultation slot and within 20-30 minutes you will be able to consult a licensed local doctor through a video call in the comfort of your home, anywhere in Singapore.

Can I get a prescription online?

You will have to first consult a doctor (either online or face-to-face), who will then issue you a valid prescription based on your care needs.

What conditions can Homage doctors treat?

Our licensed local doctors can treat common ailments such as headache and flu, support with chronic condition diagnosis management, perform simple surgical procedures that are safe to do at home and conduct health screening, all in the comfort of your home.

Contact our Care Advisors at 6100 0055 or [email protected] and let us know your specific care needs and we will match the most suitable doctor to you.

Note: if you have a life-threatening condition or experience symptoms such as acute or severe chest or abdominal pain, bleeding or deep wounds, breathing difficulties, a fit and/or epileptic seizure, sudden numbness or weakness, slurred speech, or a suspected fracture or dislocation, please visit A&E or dial 995.

Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

You can cancel your booking. However, there may be a cancellation fee involved.

To cancel or reschedule, please contact our Care Advisory at 6100 0055 or [email protected].

How much do doctors charge for house calls?

In Singapore, the average cost of engaging a house call doctor is approximately $200 to $250. At Homage, you can book a consultation with a house call doctor from $180 per visit.

Do doctors still do house calls?

While it is now more common for us to visit a clinic when we need to consult a doctor, there are still doctors who do house calls in Singapore.

Contact our Care Advisors at 6100 0055 or [email protected] to book a consultation with a Homage house call doctor today.

Can a doctor refuse to do a home visit?

Our house call doctors will not be able to conduct the visit if you have a life-threatening condition or experience symptoms such as acute or severe chest or abdominal pain, bleeding or deep wounds, breathing difficulties, fit and/or epileptic seizure, sudden numbness or weakness, slurred speech or a suspected fracture or dislocation. Please visit the A&E or dial 995 immediately.

Can doctors do home visits?

Yes, for those who prefer to consult a doctor in the comfort of their home instead of visiting a clinic, our Homage doctors can help.

Contact our Care Advisors at 6100 0055 or [email protected] to book a consultation with a Homage house call doctor today.

What is the difference between house call doctors and teleconsultation?

House call doctors are qualified doctors who will arrive at your doorstep and deliver medical care in-person. As a result, they are able to provide a more comprehensive suite of services, including performing simple surgical procedures at home.

On the other hand, teleconsultation is a virtual consultation with a licensed doctor through a video call. This is especially useful for chronic condition follow-ups, common ailments and conditions with clearly visible symptoms such as rashes.

Does making a booking request with Homage guarantee that I will be assigned a Care Professional?

Submitting a booking request does not guarantee that you will be assigned a Care Professional and confirmation will be subject to the availability of a suitable Care Professional.

You can be assured that once we receive your booking request, we will immediately search for a suitable Care Professional for your required needs. In the event that there isn’t any Care Professional available, we will notify you via email immediately.

What our customers say

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Great help to me in my time of need

My mum’s helper was hospitalised suddenly and I needed urgent help to take care of my mum who has advanced dementia. Homage was able able to find caregivers for my mum within a very short notice. The caregivers possessed the skill sets that I had requested and were of great help to me in my time of need. Thank you Homage!

Bernice Loh, Google review
Professional service

Homage CP render their professional service to my dad who is a dialysis patient. CP assigned to wheel my dad to & fro from Dialysis Center within 300m walking distance. They are capable to load & unload my dad from wheelchair independently. They are friendly too. I'm looking forward to their next visit.

James, Google review
Doctor is qualified, friendly

Had a good experience with Homage's teleconsultation. The doctor is qualified, friendly and guided me on examination. She also explained my symptoms to me in detail, which is useful. The report provided has detailed information, and medicine was delivered to me on the same day even though my appointment was in the evening.

Victoria Chwa, Google review
Physiotherapist assigned is professional

Response from Homage is fast. And the physiotherapist assigned is professional in assessing and guiding my mom in her session.

Brenda Koh, Facebook review
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