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Need cough medicine? With Homage’s medicine delivery service, you can now have cough medicine delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in Singapore.

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Cough Treatment Options

Coughing is a normal reaction to clear our throats from phlegm and other irritants. However, persistent cough usually has an underlying cause such as colds, allergies, sinus infections, viral or bacterial infections, or even gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). 

Depending on the cause of the cough, different cough medicine may be prescribed. For colds, allergies and sinus infections, over-the-counter cough medicine may suffice, but bacterial infections will require antibiotics. Lifestyles and home remedies such as drinking warm fluids, sucking on cough drops or hard candies, taking honey, moisturising the air and avoiding tobacco smoke may also help to ease your cough.

While cough usually goes away in a week or two, chronic cough can last eight weeks or longer (or four weeks in children). Besides being an annoyance, chronic cough can interrupt sleep, and even cause vomiting, lightheadedness and even rib fractures. If your cough doesn’t go away, work with your doctor to identify the underlying cause and get the right cough medicine.

How to get Cough Medicine

To get the right medicine for cough, you will need to get a prescription from your local general practitioner or clinic. With a prescription on hand, you can then get your medication from your local pharmacies, polyclinics or public hospitals in Singapore. 

Those with chronic cough can expect several follow-up consultations with your doctor to monitor your condition, pinpoint the underlying cause and make changes to the cough medicine if required. 

Individuals will usually need to make a physical trip to clinics or pharmacies to get the cough medicine.

Have Cough Medicine Delivered To You, Anywhere in Singapore

With Homage, you can have cough medicine delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in Singapore.

Avoid snaking queues at the hospital and the hassle of commuting by booking your check-ups and appointments using Homage’s 24/7 teleconsultation services.

 You can now have your doctor’s appointments in the comforts of your own home, with your medicine delivered to your doorstep on the same day.

How Medicine Delivery Works

Step 1: Consult a doctor

Download our app and consult a doctor in the comfort of your home via teleconsultation or by engaging a house call doctor.

Step 2: Get a prescription

After a thorough assessment and evaluation of your condition, the doctor will issue you a prescription if necessary.

Step 3: Receive medicine at home

With the prescription, you can get your medication at a nearby pharmacy or clinic, or have them directly delivered to your doorstep with Homage.

Cost of Cough Medicine Delivery

Cough medicine delivery will only be available after a consultation with our doctor online.

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Medication Delivery

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$ 20 /session
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Top questions about Cough Medicine

Service FAQ

What other medicine can Homage deliver?

Homage’s medicine delivery services are available after a consultation with our doctor online. This means that the medications we deliver are for conditions that can be diagnosed and treated online.

Generally, our teleconsultation services are suitable for mild, common symptoms and follow-up consultations for chronic conditions.

Here is a list of conditions that our doctors can treat online and prescribe medications for:

If you have a life-threatening condition or exhibit emergency symptoms such as acute chest pain or severe abdominal pain, please visit the A&E department or dial 995 immediately.

I have a prescription. Can I skip the consultation?

We only deliver medication that is prescribed by our doctors to ensure the safety and wellbeing of families under our care.

Who are Homage's doctors?

All our doctors are 100% Singaporeans and registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). Each individual undergoes stringent background and qualification checks, in addition to a face-to-face interview before joining Homage.

What do I need to prepare prior to a consultation?

Make sure that you have the Homage app installed on your smartphone and have your NRIC at hand as you need to show it at the start of the consultation for verification.

In addition, it will be good to have your vital sign readings ready to facilitate the consultation.

Can I obtain medication from other pharmacies with Homage’s prescription?

Yes. With a valid prescription from Homage’s doctors, you can choose to have your medicine directly delivered to your doorstep or obtain your medication from other pharmacies or clinics.

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The speech therapists are sincere and encouraging, and the exercises they prescribed helped my Mum regain her swallowing function and build up her confidence again. I’m glad to have found therapists who truly care and treats my Mum like their own.

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