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While it was a huge relief for Mr Bala to return home after his hospitalisation, his family quickly realised the necessity of post-surgery care as he recuperated at home.

by Team Homage

Returning Home From Hospital

Returning home from a hospital stay can be a huge relief but the transition from the hospital to your home can be difficult and overwhelming. The chances of readmission is also high without proper care management at home. Having a caregiver at home can help to smoothen the transition process and support recovery to avoid readmission. Here is how Mr Bala focused on recovery at home with the help of Homage Care Professionals.

Homage is the leading care services platform in Singapore connecting families and care recipients with trained and dedicated caregivers. With Homage, you can gain access to more than 5,000 qualified, Singaporean Care Professionals to provide care for you or a loved one from as little as 1-hour to 24-hour care.

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Supporting Primary Caregivers

After Mr Bala was discharged from the hospital early this year, he found himself having less energy at home. Having left the hospital from post-acute care, his wife took up the role of the primary caregiver at home. But soon she realised that she needed an extra pair of hands to help care for her husband.

It was certainly tough for me to care for my husband fully after his hospital discharge. As we are both ageing, some activities are too strenuous for my body. For example, I can’t carry him to the shower by myself or assist him with light exercises during the day. I was very disheartened about all this.

Realising his mother’s difficulties, Mr & Mrs Bala’s son, Mr N. suggested getting additional support through home care services from Homage to help with their daily living.

At Homage, you can access care services for your loved ones on a once-off or long-term basis. Our care professionals go through extensive training and are equipped to care for people diagnosed with different conditions and after hospitalisation.

These include:

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Mr N. is within driving distance of the couple’s home, however, the recent travel restrictions have made it difficult for loved ones to lend a helping hand to the couple. After learning about Homage, Mr N. felt it would be the perfect solution for everyone.

Better Recovery In Your Own Home

Post-hospitalisation care at home is a crucial part of every patient’s recovery, especially if they have recently undergone surgery or been diagnosed with a life-changing medical condition. To give your loved one the best care he/she deserves and needs, we provide a Free Care Consultation for you and your loved one to meet one of our care professionals.

Homage provides a variety of care services to help you recuperate at home and get back on your feet. This includes:

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Before engaging with Homage, Mr Bala was not eating or drinking as much as he used to before his hospital admission. Even after Mrs Bala had used a blender to soften his food, Mr Bala would still refuse. However, since taking visits with Homage Care Professionals, Mr Bala has been more consistent with his food intake during the day.

When he isn’t hungry, Mr Bala looks forward to the light exercises he does with our Care Professionals such as a short walk around the house or even simple massages that help to improve the blood circulation in his legs.

Care Specialist Yi Huey massaging Mr Bala’s legs during one of the home visits

Personalised Care For Your Loved One

Every individual is different, and their care needs are unique. To give your loved one the best care he/she deserves, we provide a Free Care Consultation for you and your loved one to meet one of our care professionals.

Enjoy one of the most flexible care options in Singapore with durations ranging from 1-hour to 24-hour care. 

 With the Homage app, request and manage care for you or a loved one with just a few taps. Download the app and get care right at your doorstep now!

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Needing a caregiver’s assistance for grooming and personal hygiene care can make an elderly person feel low, but poor hygiene in the elderly can make them lose their sense of dignity and self-worth. 

With the help of Homage Care Professionals, all aspects of Mr Bala’s hygiene care was taken care of during the home visits. Our Care Pros were able to help with bathing, toileting and incontinence care whilst making sure to encourage independence when possible. This allows Mr Bala to stay in control when he has the strength and helps him to maintain his dignity as he ages.

Although living close to his parents, Mr N has greater peace of mind knowing that both her mother and father are getting the support they need when he isn’t available to help them out. 

Oftentimes, providing care for a loved one involves the primary caregiver and family and friends closest to them. Getting help from trained professionals is helpful when friends and family members aren’t available, but it can also prevent primary caregivers from experiencing burnout.

Offering Primary Caregivers Respite and Support

Caregiving is not easy and for many, it is a lifetime commitment. With a bit of help and experience from the right care professionals, you will be able to better cope with the caregiving duties and avoid burnout. Especially after hospitalisation, additional support and expertise can go a long way, even for just a short period of time.

Homage has many caregivers from all walks of life. With a trained caregiver, your loved one will be able to recover, maintain a healthy routine and be empowered to continue living a fulfilling life. Reach out to us and we will help you find the best care options for your loved one.

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