Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) Licensure Examinations: All You Need to Know

You will need a Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) License to be a nurse in Singapore. Here's how to best prepare for the SNB Licensure Exams.

by L.H.

If you’re looking to kickstart a nursing career in Singapore as a foreign-trained nurse, then getting a Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) License should be your utmost priority. 

To ensure the highest quality of healthcare in Singapore, strict nursing regulations are put in place for nursing. If you’re thinking of starting a nursing career in Singapore, this guide on the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) Licensure Examination will come in handy.

What is the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) Licensure exam?

 The Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) Licensure Exam is designed to evaluate your competency in practicing nursing or midwifery in Singapore. 

Who needs the SNB License?

Nurses or midwives who are foreign-trained are required to sit for the SNB Licensure Exam and acquire an SNB License in order to complete applications for enrolment or registration with SNB and be qualified to practice in Singapore.

Types of SNB Licensure Exams

There are three main types of SNB Licensure Exams for each category of nurse/midwife in Singapore:

  • Registered Nurse Licensure Examination
  • Enrolled Nurse Licensure Examination
  • Registered Midwife Licensure Examination

Eligibility to apply for SNB Licensure exam

You are eligible to apply for registration/enrolment with SNB and apply for the SNB Licensure Exam if you are a foreign-trained nurse who has:

  1. Completed a pre-registration / pre-enrolment nursing programme, equivalent to an accredited pre-registration / pre-enrolment nursing programme in Singapore (as assessed by SNB)
  2. A nursing/midwifery registration from the country where you were trained
  3. A current practicing license as a nurse or midwife
  4. Relevant clinical nursing practice in your country of origin within the past 5 years
  5. An offer of employment from a relevant Singapore healthcare facility that provides inpatient services

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Where to register

You may register for the relevant SNB Licensure Exam by logging into the website here using your SingPass. 

SNB Licensure examination dates

Registered Nurse Licensure Exams and Enrolled Nurse Licensure Exams typically take place once a month throughout the year. 

Registered Midwife Licensure Examinations take place twice a year. 

Check out the current SNB Licensure Examination dates in the schedule here

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SNB Licensure examination venues

Do take note of where your exam is to be held and be sure not to go to the wrong venue!

Registered Nurse Licensure Examination: 

Nanyang Polytechnic
School of Health Sciences
180 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Singapore 569830
View NYP campus map

Enrolled Nurse Licensure Examination and Registered Midwife Licensure Examination:

Curtin Singapore
90 & 92 Jalan Rajah
Singapore 329162
View Curtin Singapore map

Documents required

It is essential that you bring the following items with you along to your SNB Licensure Exam:

  1. Your NRIC or passport and work permit (if applicable)
  2. Your nursing/midwifery registration certificate and current practising license/certificate
  3. SNB’s Notification Letter of Licensure Examination and receipt of payment
  4. 4B pencil and eraser
  5. Calculator without cover

Application fees

There are of course, associated SNB fees for taking the SNB Licensure Examinations:

The cost of having your Licensure Examination conducted locally is $100.

The cost of having your Licensure Examination conducted overseas is $40. 

Tips for passing the SNB Licensure Exam

1. Avoid bringing contraband items

To ensure a smooth exam experience, avoid bringing the following prohibited items: 

  • Reference books
  • Electronic personal devices
  • Handbags etc.

2. Practice, practice, practice!

Just like any exam, you should practice as much as you can and familiarise yourself with the exam format and question types before applying for applying to sit for the exam. There are plenty of online resources that offer mock tests and questions for you to try out first at your own pace. 

3. Make a study plan

It may be useful if you make a study plan and go through the syllabus for the examinations systematically and slowly with plenty of review opportunities for you to learn from your mistakes and correct any conceptual misconceptions.

4. Make study notes

Once you know the question type and exam format, it may be wise for you to make your own notes about the topics tested so you can refer to them easily as you revise for your exam.

5. Study in a group

The process of passing the SNB Licensure Examinations can even be fun if you make it so. Ask around and find out if anyone else you know is taking the examinations and you can form a study group together. You can also reach out through your social media networks to form your own academic support group and make the journey easier and relaxing for everyone. 

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