A Guide to Booking a Home-Based Severe Disability Assessment

Wish to make a claim under CareShield Life, ElderShield, or one of Singapore's many severe disability schemes? Learn more about why you need a Severe Disability Assessment and how you can book one.

by Jamie Loh

Did you know that if you wish to apply for payouts under CareShield Life, ElderShield, or one of Singapore’s many severe disability schemes, you must first undergo a Severe Disability Assessment? Learn more about what a Severe Disability Assessment entails and how you can schedule a home-based assessment with Homage.

What is a Severe Disability Assessment?

A Severe Disability Assessment evaluates a person’s ability to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) independently. Bathing, dressing, feeding oneself, using the toilet, moving around, and transferring, such as from a bed to a chair, are the 6 ADLs you will be assessed on. 

An individual will be considered severely disabled and will be eligible for claims when they are unable to perform at least 3 of the 6 Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) independently.

💡 How do I know whether my loved one or myself are severely disabled?

Your loved one or yourself may need to: 

  • Rely entirely on a caregiver to be fed
  • Rely entirely on a caregiver to be bathed
  • Rely entirely on a caregiver to manage your diapers or catheter
  • Rely entirely on a caregiver to be dressed
  • Rely entirely on a caregiver to move over a distance, e.g. are unable to walk on one’s own or push oneself in a wheelchair
  • Be fully supported when being transferred from bed to chair, or chair to bed

However, while you may fit the criteria above, you must still undergo a Severe Disability Assessment by an MOH-accredited assessor. 

By booking an assessment with Homage, our MOH-accredited assessors can visit your loved one at their current residence — whether it is their home, a nursing home, or a hospital ward.

What can I expect during the assessment?

Typically, an assessment takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour, but this may vary depending on your loved one’s condition.

During the assessment, our assessors will seek to understand the care recipient’s medical history. Your loved one may be asked to carry out a few tasks, so as to gauge their ability to perform these activities. You may be asked to assist your loved one with these tasks, too. 

It is recommended that your loved one’s primary caregiver—be it yourself, a domestic helper, or a family member—is present for the assessment, as they would know the care recipient’s needs best.  

How to book a Severe Disability Assessment with Homage?

A screenshot of Homage's webpage on Severe Disability Assessment

Step 1:

Head to this page and click on “Book An Assessment”.

Step 2:

Fill in the form with your details and select the option for Severe Disability Assessment. If you wish to engage Homage’s home care, nursing, or therapy services, you may indicate them as well.

Step 3:

Our Care Advisors will reach out to you within 2 days to schedule your booking.

We understand that you may need to book a Severe Disability Assessment urgently. To make an urgent appointment, please call our Care Advisory team at 6100 0055.

Am I eligible for an assessment fee waiver or reimbursement?

Fee waiver

If you fulfil the following criteria, you will be eligible for a fee waiver.

  • You are a first-time applicant for CareShield Life, or
  • You are undergoing a periodic re-assessment, or
  • You are enrolled under the following financial assistance schemes:
    • Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Blue
    • ComCare or public assistance
    • MediFund
    • Medical Fee Assistance Card (MFAC) or Medical Fee Assessment Card (MFEC)

In the above cases, you will not have to pay out-of-pocket.

Fee reimbursement

You will receive a full reimbursement if you are assessed to be severely disabled. This fee will be reimbursed by the government or your private insurer with the first payout or claim that you receive.

What schemes and grants can I apply for with the assessment results?

With the completion of a Severe Disability Assessment, you can apply for the following severe disability schemes:

You can also apply for these additional schemes at the same time:

  • Home Caregiving Grant
  • Pioneer Disability Assistance Scheme (PioneerDAS)
  • Migrant Foreign Domestic Worker Concession Levy (MDW Levy)

Learn more about these schemes in our comprehensive guide to financial assistance options and grants for caregivers and seniors.

Apart from the government-administered schemes, you may use the results of your Severe Disability Assessment to claim from a private insurer’s supplements, such as Singlife’s CareShield Life Standard and Plus Plans.

Are you a Singlife policyholder?

Enjoy up to 20% discount when you engage Homage for a Severe Disability Assessment and up to 5% discount on our home care, home nursing, and therapy services. Learn more about how you can engage our care services at preferred rates.

How and when will I know the outcome of my assessment?

You will receive a letter and SMS from the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) within 4 to 8 weeks.

What is the difference between Homage’s In-Person Care Assessment (IPCA) and a Severe Disability Assessment?

Homage’s In-Person Care Assessment (IPCA) provides a holistic assessment of your loved one’s living environment, as well as their cognitive and mobility skills. It is vital to help us match the right Care Pro to best meet your loved one’s care needs.

However, an IPCA will not allow you to make claims under a government or privately-administered severe disability scheme. 

To qualify for withdrawals and claims under a severe disability scheme, your loved one must undergo a Severe Disability Assessment.

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