In Search of Accessible Care: An Intern’s Perspective

by Tiffany Ng

A Statistics Major from NUS, Yu Jie (right-most in photo) joined Homage for an initial 6-month internship with our Business Intelligence unit. He decided to extend his internship to 9-months and joined a newly set-up unit so as to experience more of the start-up life before returning back to school. This is his recount and thoughts about being a 9-month Homager.

I remembered this particular question during my interview; “Why Homage, out of so many other companies that are working equally hard to better the lives of people?” My answer still stands after my 9-month internship here.

Singapore could have the best hospitals, healthcare professionals, and top scientists driving medical research; but if those services are not easily or immediately accessible to those who most require care, wouldn’t that be a loss?

Broadening access to care and well-being among the underserved via technology is my personal definition of what Homage is working on.

Celebrating Christmas with seniors from Peacehaven Nursing Home

Venturing Into Uncharted Waters

In my first 2 months at Homage, I was involved in the Business Intelligence unit, where I assisted in various projects and helped out in the preparation of performance metrics. After learning that Care Pro Operations, a new department focusing on caregivers and nurses recruitment and engagement was underway, I transferred to this department, optimistic about the growth potential.

Default at-work expression

At the new department, uncertainty and failure were concepts that I was (and still am) afraid of. From iterating through murky processes, to prioritising the right things to work on and to times where I almost did not meet deadlines, it can get overwhelming. At times like this, it’s crucial to stay focused, keep my objectives in mind and seek help when necessary.

At Care Pro Operations, my main responsibilities are both customer-facing and analytical in nature. I planned and coordinated the Care Pro interviews and onboarding process and used data gathered from Care Pros’ activities to glean insights for strategic planning and process improvement

Excited Care Pros during Onboarding

You can think of Care Pro Operations as the team that shapes the Care Pro experience — from the moment they apply to be a Care Pro through the interview, onboarding phases and ultimately, delivering care as an official Homage Care Pro. If a Care Pro is the one who cares for the seniors, then Care Pro Operations is the one who safeguards the well-being of the Care Pros welfare. This is so that the Care Pros continue to deliver great care to the seniors – the type of care that we can entrust our loved ones with.

The Care Pros consists of passionate individuals from all walks of life – retirees, homemakers, working professionals, students and more. It was always a humbling experience listening to their stories and inspirations behind their caregiving journeys.

Mingling With The New Family

Do not disturb, meeting in progress

Team meetings and 1-1 syncs are commonplace to maintain accountability and integrity across and within teams. Especially in such a fast-moving environment, alignment amongst key stakeholders is critical in order to move things forward. I remember my 1-1 syncs as times where I could give feedback on anything on my mind, whether or not it was work related. Not forgetting the times when we unwind and have fun, whether it’s after-work games or team meals, those are the times I will remember most.

Discovering What It Means To Care

You might be thinking along the lines of Homage being the ‘Uber/Grab of Home Care’. That isn’t wrong, but the nuances of managing and delivering care are complex and require a different thinking altogether, which I have experienced personally in my time here.

Connected through the common goal of delivering accessible care to all!

To get a better idea of the model that Homage is operating within, add this article to your reading list. It also happens to be a must-read within the company.

I have learnt a great deal at this company, which strives towards the meaningful vision of providing the best care to those who need it. If you are looking at improving the lives of Care Professionals, families and seniors in need of care, or even being a Care Professional yourself, do check out Homage’s careers page. I’m sure the Homagers will be eager to speak to you.

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