flexible jobs for housewives in singapore

Top 10 Flexible Part-Time Jobs for Housewives in Singapore

Thinking of earning some extra cash in your free time after caring for the kids and finishing the house chores? Here are some flexible part-time jobs you can consider!

by Grace Koh

Are you a housewife looking for a way to make some income in your spare time? With a vast array of jobs available nowadays, there is certainly no shortfall of flexible opportunities here in Singapore. Even in the odd job market, freelancers, part-timers and temporary workers can find something for themselves as well. As a housewife, we understand that you have household chores to do, on top of looking after your kids. Time, flexibility, and convenience are probably some of the top few factors you are looking for in a part-time job and we have taken that into consideration for the flexible part-time jobs we have suggested in the list below, which includes both remote and physical work opportunities.

1. Website tester 

woman sitting beside table using laptop

Source: Unsplash

Being a website tester allows for you to work remotely in the comfort of home. What’s more, most of these gigs do not require any formal experience; just the willingness to dedicate some time to a focus interview, survey, or testing out a website. You can take as many assignments as you can commit to, and earn some extra pocket cash on the side. All you need is a good internet connection, an up-to-date web browser, and a laptop or computer. Some gigs may require you to have a web-camera or a microphone. It is also relatively easy to register for an account and start almost immediately. 

  • Estimated salary: From $10 per hour, depending on what the assignment you take 
  • Experience needed: Most gigs do not require any experience. However, some may require more specialised experience, for example, someone who has a marketing background. 
  • Where you can find such jobs: Userinterviews, TestIO, UserTesting

2. Cleaning services 

Source: Unsplash

Who knew that keeping places spick and span could be a source of income as well? Many families do not have the time to upkeep their home, or may prefer the convenience of having someone else do the cleaning for them instead. Moreover, rising affluence in Singapore would mean that more people are able to afford to pay for help to clean the house. Why not help someone to ease a bit of their burden, while earning some extra income on the side?

  • Estimated salary: $18-20/hour on average
  • Experience needed: None – training is usually provided on the job 
  • Where you can find such jobs: Helpling, Rooma

3. Virtual assistant / Administrative work

woman sitting infront of laptop

Source: Unsplash

Being a virtual assistant or doing administrative work at home include work such as data entry, managing schedules, performing administrative tasks like booking air tickets, managing inboxes etc. This role is great for housewives as you are free to manage your working hours, as long the work is completed on time. This means you have more say over your schedule as well. Having a keen eye for detail and great organisational skills would help you to thrive at such a job. 

  • Estimated salary: Average $9-10/hour 
  • Experience needed: No experience required for most, some may require a few years of working experience depending on the scope of the job
  • Where you can find such jobs: Indeed, JobsDB, FastJobs

4. Professional caregiver 

Homage Care Professional helping elderly woman to stay physically active with resistance band exercises

A professional caregiver is someone who provides care and assistance for someone else, so that they can live as independently as possible. If you have a heart for others, and think you would enjoy helping others lead better lives, being a professional caregiver can be a fulfilling way to earn a side income. A professional caregiver is expected to help the people they care for with their activities of daily living (ADLs), which include showering and toileting, medication reminders, meal preparation, and exercises, amongst others.

Apart from being a job high in demand (which means you will always have assignments for you to apply to), a professional caregiver role is a job where you do not need any prior experience. Of course, it would be a bonus if you have been through caregiver training courses before, but depending on the organisation you apply to, there are basic caregiver courses that they will send you to attend and you usually do not have to look for one yourself. The job is also non-medical in nature, meaning that it does not involve medical procedures, nor diagnosing or prescribing medication to someone.

With professional caregivers being able to work on a freelance or part-time basis, you will have flexibility in your schedule – being able to take up assignments when you have some free time, and factoring in time in your schedule to look after your kids as well. Your kids are sure to look up to you for having such a noble, respectable job where you are making a meaningful impact to the lives of others.

If you are interested in being a professional caregiver, read up on this professional caregiver comprehensive guide to get you started.

  • Estimated salary: Up to $19/hour, with added incentives (depending on organisation)
  • Experience needed: No experience needed 
  • Where you can find such jobs: Homage

5. Freelance writer

person writing on white paper

Source: Unsplash

If you have a flair for words, and enjoy churning out written pieces, capitalise on your skill by using it to write for others. Depending on the genre of writing you choose, jobs can range from writing blog posts and thought leadership pieces to social media or website content. If you have more technical skills in copywriting or academic writing, you can establish a speciality area for yourself. Some people may choose to start up their own blog and write what they like – this will however, take time for your efforts to come to fruition. Website traffic will need to build up, and a stable audience is needed, before the blog can become a viable source of income, thus it might be a better choice to write for a brand that already has the eyeballs. If you have worked in a niche area such as finance or human resources previously, you can even market yourself as having industry experience to write about such areas. 

  • Estimated salary: From $30/hour 
  • Experience needed: Skills in writing, additional experience e.g. SEO may be beneficial. If you are doing more specialised work, you may require to have additional skills or experience in such areas e.g. copywriting, academic writing 
  • Where you can find such jobs: Indeed, UpWork, JobsDB

6. Instructor / Coach / Teacher

black and silver laptop computer on brown wooden table

Source: Unsplash

With COVID-19 and the lockdown, many people have picked up new hobbies while making the best out of the stay-at-home situation. Now, many have hobbies they are looking to extend and expand on. If you are able to carry a tune, play an instrument, or know the ins-and-outs of a sport, you can consider earning extra money by teaching someone else what you know. Best of all, these gigs are usually freelance and more flexible in nature, and word-of-mouth can help you get interested clients as well. There are also websites where you can advertise your services and there are even some services you can offer that can be done over video call as well! Some include being an online tutor, language instructor, baking/cooking classes, etc. 

  • Estimated salary: $30-60/hour on average
  • Experience needed: Whatever your niche is
  • Where you can find such jobs: Carousell – for advertising your services, HobbyBuddy

⏰ Flexible work schedules, better work-life balance

If you are looking for a job that will give you the flexibility to earn an attractive income while having the time to care for your kids and loved ones, being a freelance or part-time Homage Care Professional might be the job for you. 

Find out the benefits of being a Homage Care Pro here and join us in making a difference today!

7. E-commerce business owner

person using macbook pro on black table

Source: Unsplash

Set up your own e-commerce store, create your very own job and be your own employer! There are many sites where you can do this, such as Amazon or on Shopify. With an account, a laptop, and a stable internet connection, your work setup is complete – and your work schedule is to your whim and fancy. Typically, sellers using these sites import items from wholesalers and sell them to others after labelling them with their brand. Alternatively, if you are able to cook or bake well, or make your own products, you can sell them online too and set up your own home-based business. Online platforms such as Cococart and Carousell are some places to consider putting up your home-made goods. What’s more, you do not need a minimal capital to get your business running. 

  • Estimated salary: Depends on how you price your product
  • Experience needed: Good business acumen would be good, but as this will be your own business, you technically don’t need any experience at all
  • Where you can find such jobs: Carousell, Cococart

8. Freelance nurse

nursing home

If you had studied nursing previously, being a freelance nurse would be a lucrative and flexible job for you where you can make use of the skills you have learned.

Nurses have medical certifications and qualifications which allows them to perform medical procedures such as administering certain types of medications etc. This is different from a caregiver, who is not qualified for such tasks. Having the qualifications for nursing would mean you can take up a part-time nursing role as well, for a more flexible schedule as required. Part-time nurses are required to provide both medical and non-medical home care services to families in various care settings, ranging from homes and community care facilities to hospitals.

These services could include personal care and hygiene, to being able to manage tube feeding, or stoma care. 

  • Estimated salary: Average $23/hour (enrolled nurse), $27/hour (registered nurse) 
  • Experience needed: Minimally a valid Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) license
  • Where you can find such jobs: Homage, JobsDB

9. Call centre / Customer service representative 

black and brown headset near laptop computer

Source: Unsplash

A call centre or customer service representative is responsible for answering queries and concerns from customers about the products or services their company offers. If you enjoy speaking with people and helping them with their enquiries, this job will be perfect for you as you will be able to work remotely, and be able to interact with others as well to help solve their problems. 

  • Estimated salary: Average $10/hour 
  • Experience needed: No experience required for most, some may require a few years of working experience depending on the scope of the job
  • Where you can find such jobs: Indeed, JobsDB

10. Food and beverage staff

person serving burger with pitcher of juice

Source: Unsplash

There is no shortage of food and beverage (F&B) outlets around the island, probably even a couple near your home as well. If you’ve ever thought of supporting your small neighbourhood bubble tea store, or curious about how the bakery near your house manages to produce bread with such tantalising smells, it might be a good idea if you check if there are any job openings at these outlets so you can easily commute from home to your workplace in a matter of minutes. F&B operations typically do shift hours, so you can arrange for a timing which will not clash with your other daily errands as well. Usually, housewives are more than welcome to apply for these types of jobs.

  • Estimated salary: Average of $8/hour 
  • Experience needed: None needed, training is usually provided on the job 
  • Where you can find such jobs: JobsDB, Indeed, look around your neighborhood

If you are looking for a job with flexible hours, rewarding hourly rates, and a fast approval rate, being a Homage Care Pro will be a great fit for you.

Learn more about our careers as a Homage Caregiver or Nurse and apply to be a Care Pro with us today!


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