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by Tan Jia Hui

In many cultures, nursing homes often carry with them a negative reputation for reasons ranging from poor living conditions with low quality of care to being a place where unfilial children send their elderly parents to because they do not want to take on the care responsibilities themselves. However, that’s not always true! 

Increasingly, we see a shift in the mindset that people have towards nursing and old folks homes. In fact, a survey conducted in 2016 showed that a sizable number of Singaporeans are actually willing to move into a nursing home when they get older. Furthermore, nursing homes can also be beneficial for both the senior and family members in many ways. 

Should we send our parents to an old folks home?

For working caregivers and those who have to juggle multiple responsibilities, it can be overwhelming or practically impossible to give our parents the care they need and deserve, especially for seniors who need nursing care or support with activities of daily living

A nursing home can be a better alternative for your loved one, with professional nurses and trained caregivers dedicated to attending to their care needs round-the-clock. With more opportunities for social interaction with fellow residents and staff, facilitated by the various activities the home organises, seniors who live alone may also be able to avoid social isolation and better protect their mental wellbeing at a nursing home.

Nursing homes not only ensure that our loved one receives quality care, but it also helps us better manage our responsibilities and avoid caregiver burnout.

How much do nursing homes in Singapore charge?

The base charges for nursing homes generally range from around $1,200 to $1,400 per month, depending on the type of room and level of care required. Additional charges may also be applicable for special or emergency needs. While this may be rather costly, there are various subsidies available to offset up to 75% of the total cost of nursing homes.

What is a good nursing home?

We always want the best for our loved ones. When looking for a nursing home, there are a few factors that we should take into consideration to find one that best suits our loved ones.


Many of us will want to choose a nursing home that’s in close proximity to our residence. This allows us to visit our loved ones quickly and easily. One thing to take note of is also the visiting hours of the nursing home. For example, if you work from 9 am to 5 pm, you may want to choose a nursing home that allows you to visit early in the morning or late at night, outside of your working hours.

Living Condition

When you visit a nursing home for the first time, look out for the cleanliness of the place, installation of senior-proof features such as handrails and the overall atmosphere of the home. Make a mental checklist – or a physical one – to take note of the security measures in place, if there’s natural lighting, whether there’s enough space for each resident in the rooms (especially for shared rooms) and the types of recreational activities they organise.

Food Quality

This may seem trivial compared to factors like quality of care and living conditions. However, food actually plays an important role, not only in ensuring the physical wellbeing of our loved ones, but also their mental and cognitive health.

Noise Levels

Noise levels may not affect visitors much, but it can impact a resident’s quality of life. Check if the nursing home is quiet and peaceful, have loud residents and/or staff or bombarded by sounds from the surrounding such as the televisions and radios. Ask your loved one if they prefer a place that’s bustling with life or would they rather relax quietly in their own private space. Pick a nursing home with a comfortable noise level that best suits their preferences. 

Staff Satisfaction

One of the most important factor to consider is definitely the quality of nursing home staff, as they are the ones who will be caring for your loved one. While you are there, take the chance to interact with the staff who care for the residents on a daily basis and observe if they smile when greeting seniors, remember the names of the residents and whether there are enough staff around to assist the residents.

Top Nursing Homes in Singapore

For those looking for a nursing home for your loved one, here are some of the top nursing and old folks homes in Singapore that you can consider:

Orange Valley Nursing Home

One of the largest private nursing home operators in Singapore, Orange Valley Nursing Home can accommodate over 900 seniors and has homes present in 5 locations islandwide. They provide both long-term and short-term residential nursing care and you can also choose from single, 2-bedded and multi-bedded rooms depending on the preferences of your loved one.

Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

Established in the mid-1960s, Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home (LAMH) aims to provide affordable, personalised care for seniors who do not qualify for government-funded homes but may not be able to afford the more costly private homes. Having opened a second branch at Silat in 2017, LAMH now cares for over 100 seniors islandwide with a multi-disciplinary team of care staff that include doctors, nurses, therapist, dieticians, pharmacists and more.

Ren Ci Nursing Home

Those who need support with activities of daily living can consider one of the two nursing homes by Ren Ci at Bukit Batok and Ang Mo Kio. Admission is strictly by referral, so if you would like to send your loved one to Ren Ci Nursing Home, consult a social worker at the hospital or polyclinic who will assist you in submitting an application to AIC. 

Hovi Care

Hovi Care is an elderly day care centre, fully accessible with wheelchairs and walking aids, that aims to support seniors above 60 years old with chronic conditions such as dementia, stroke and Parkinson’s with activities of daily living, social activities, cognitive rehabilitation and physiotherapy. 

Peacehaven Nursing Home

Peacehaven Nursing Home by The Salvation Army has around 400 beds and provides compassionate, personalised, holistic care for the sick, frail and elderly who have physical or mental conditions with minimal or no caregiver support at home. You can be sure to be able to find a living environment most suitable for your loved one from the 14 separate Resident Living Areas (RLAs), each designed with a specific home-like environment for residents with different care needs. One of the RLAs, for example, is specially designed for relatively-independent residents with dementia.

Sunshine Welfare Action Mission

Founded in 1989, Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI Home) is a voluntary welfare organisation that provides integrated nursing care to seniors, including those with chronic conditions such as dementia. 

  • Services: residential care, residential dementia care, dementia day care centre, day rehabilitation centre, home medical and nursing services, home help services, integrated home and day care centre (IHDC)
  • Website:
  • Address: Sembawang (No.5 Sembawang Walk, Singapore 757717)
  • Tel: 6257 6117
  • Email: [email protected]

St John’s Elder Home

Established in December 1958, St. John’s Home for Elderly Persons is a Sheltered Home for seniors who are ambulant and aged above 60, with the aim of providing shelter and care to meet the physical and spiritual needs of seniors who do not have proper shelter and/or adequate care support at home. 

All Saints Home

All Saints Home is a registered charity that accepts seniors through referrals from The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). With four homes strategically located in different parts of Singapore and a total capacity of 734 beds, All Saints Home provides comprehensive and professional care services extended to seniors from all walks of life. 

Apex Harmony Lodge

Apex Harmony Lodge (AHL) is the first and only home build specially for persons with dementia (PWDs) in Singapore. With the belief that all PWDs should be able to enjoy the same quality of life as any other individual, AHL has developed 3 models of care in response to what’s best for residents at different stages of dementia.

St. Andrew’s Nursing Home

St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (SANH) aims to deliver holistic and person-centred care to the residents in a supportive environment. Currently delivering an integrated programme of rehabilitation, psycho-social and nursing care in its three nursing homes (Buangkok, Henderson, and Queenstown), SANH has plans to open a fourth home at Dover Road in late 2020, providing a total capacity of 1,125 beds.

Charis Manor Nursing Home

Charis Manor is a dementia-friendly nursing home with facilities including therapeutic garden, rehabilitation centres and several dining options, including an in-house restaurant and cafe where families can mingle when they visit. You can choose from single, 4-bedded or 7-bedded room options for your loved ones, starting from $2,700 per month before subsidy.

Bright Hill Evergreen Home

A 248-bedded nursing home, Bright Hill Evergreen Home (BHEH) is highly accessible and located within 10 minutes of Punggol MRT station. Overlooking the flora and fauna of Punggol Waterway, BHEB provides a tranquil and relaxing environment for seniors to live in. Seniors are also well-cared-for by the team of nurses and healthcare attendants 24/7 and medical doctors who visit the home on a regular basis.

Alternatives to Nursing Homes

Besides nursing homes, there are a host of caregiving options available in Singapore that you can consider when making care arrangements.

For families and care recipients who prefer to remain at home, home healthcare providers such as Homage are available. We provide a suite of on-demand healthcare services where trained local Care Professionals will visit your home to care for your loved one when the need arises. Both short-term and long-hour care are available depending on the care needs of you and your loved ones.

Home healthcare services can include:

  • Personal care (Assist with Activities of daily living (ADL))
  • Nursing care and procedures
  • Therapy (Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy)
  • Medical escort
  • Home medical (house calls by doctors)
  • Teleconsultations
  • Medication delivery

Here is a side-by-side comparison of nursing homes and home care so you can make a more informed decision:

Chart comparing the pros and cons of Home Care with Homage and nursing homes and old folks homes

Apart from home care options, you may also consider community care facilities. Day care centres, for example, may be more suitable for seniors who are relatively independent and enjoy socialising with others. There are also specialised day care centres available for seniors with specific conditions such as dementia.

If you would like to engage short- or long-term care support for your loved one in the comfort of home, we can help. Reach out to our Care Advisors at 6100 0055.

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