Mid-Career Switch: Courses and Subsidies in Singapore

Mid-Career Switch: Courses and Subsidies in Singapore [2022]

The decision to switch industries used to be a more difficult one due to the costs needed for education and training. Now, with more subsidies and grants, you can be better equipped to make that choice to change career pathways too. Find out about the available programmes and grants in this article.

by Grace Koh

After working for a while in a job, sometimes we have that little thought in our mind that doesn’t quite go away – what if I switch tracks? You can put away the ‘what-if’s and look to see if your ideal next career move may be in any of these courses and programmes focused on mid-career switches and upskilling. What’s more, there are also subsidies and grants available to alleviate some of these costs as well. Read on to find out more. 

Courses available for a mid-career switch in Singapore

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Nowadays, there are various options for individuals looking for an alternate career path. You can either choose to upskill in your current role, so you have more employability in perhaps a different role in the same industry. You can also reskill completely in a different area to take on employment in a different role outside your current industry. These range from specific disciplines such as healthcare, to more general pathways offering various training options. We list a few of them below. 

[Reskilling] SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme

The SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme is a full-time attachment programme supporting mid-career individuals aged 40 years and above in their employability. How it does so is to offer attachment programmes to various host organisations, where plans are put in place for these trainees for their development. The attachments will last between four to six months and trainees may be able to gain employment in these companies depending on their performance.

There is a training allowance of up to $3,800 per month for the duration of the attachment, which is co-founded by the government and the host organisation. This sum may vary depending on the scope of the attachment. 

Go to the MyCareersFuture website to apply. 

[Reskilling] SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme-Company Training (SGUP-CT)

Tailored with young professionals and mid-career job seekers in mind, the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme started during the COVID-19 period to provide training opportunities through six to 12-month courses developed and delivered by market-leading reputable companies. The courses are centered on digital skills, which hopefully will help applicants start their careers in the in-demand technology sector. Trainees will receive a training allowance of up to $1,500 monthly through the course of their studies. The programme consists of a job-role specific training bootcamp for three months, delivered in partnership with Temasek Polytechnic. After which, the bootcamp will be followed up with a six-month paid apprenticeship with Microsoft and Generation Singapore employer partners.

To apply, click on any of the programmes you are interested in and indicate your interest. 

[Reskilling] SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP)

The SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) aims to support mid-career individuals in acquiring industry-relevant skills to improve employability and pivot to new sectors or job roles. It is a train-and-place programme that is available on a part-time or full-time format, ranging from three to 12 months. It will be delivered by Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centres, and the courses on these CETs will be rolling out from April 2022 to 2025, where there will be an expected number of 200 courses in total.

Individuals considering taking up these courses can expect to enjoy these following subsidies: 

  • Tapping into your Skillsfuture credits to pay for these courses 
  • Baseline subsidy of up to 70% of course fees
  • Enhanced funding subsidy of up to 90% of course fees for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above under SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy
  • Additional course fee funding support of up to 95% of course fees for jobseekers with greater needs. Individuals must be Singapore Citizens and meet one of following eligibility criteria:
    • Be unemployed for six months or more 
    • Be in need of financial assistance; i.e. recipients of ComCare, Short-to-Medium Term Assistance (SMTA), or Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) 
    • Persons with Disabilities

Apply for courses here

How a Banking & Finance Professional Made the Career Transition to Professional Caregiving in her 40s

[Reskilling] Career Conversion Programme for Social Workers (CCPSW)

The CCPSW is managed by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and launched in partnership with the WSG and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), and participating employers. The programme aims to train mid-career professionals who are interested in social work to become a qualified social worker. Eligibility for this programme will require you to secure employment with a participating employer from the programme, after which you can choose from the following SUSS part-time courses, depending on your educational qualifications:  

  • Graduate Diploma in Social Work
  • Accelerated Bachelor of Social Work

Successful applicants can enjoy subsidies on their course fees, partly fulfilled by NCSS and WSG. For example, a Singaporean applicant for the Bachelor Degree of Social Work can expect to pay $3,582.60 after subsidies, of the estimated total fee of $35,826. However, there is a bond period to fulfill upon graduation with the hiring organization. 

Criteria for applicants: 

  • 21 years old and above
  • At least two years’ full-time working experience (excludes NS)
  • Sponsored by participating employer
  • Trainees may be required to undergo screening interviews/assessments conducted by SUSS
  • Depending on the course selected, there are specific educational requirements
  • For Diploma, you will need to have an undergraduate Degree or an equivalent from a recognised institution
  • For Bachelor’s Degree, you will need to have either of the following:
    • GCE ‘A’ level with two passes (prior to 2007) or two H2 passes (from 2007)
    • Local Polytechnic Diploma or equivalent
    • NUS High School Diploma 
    • SSI Diploma in Social Services

Apply here.

[Reskilling and Upskilling] WSG’s Career Conversion Programme (CCP)

Workforce Singapore (WSG)’s Career Conversion Programmes (CCPs) aim to re-equip Singaporeans in mid-career stages with new skills so as to take on redesigned job roles or jobs in growth areas. There are different types of CCPs, with different aims and purposes: 

1. Place-and-Train (PnT)

  • Details: Mid-career individual undergoes training for his or her job role after a participating employer hires him or her.
  • Benefits for trainees: Discounts on course fees for individuals, starting from 70% off.

2. Attach-and-Train (AnT)

  • Details: Before getting a job, the mid-career individual is provided with training and work attachment with industry partners in growth sectors.
  • Benefits for trainees: Discounts on course fees for individuals, starting from 70% off. Training allowance provided during duration of training of between 50 – 70% of prevailing salary (capped at $4,000 per month).

3. Redeployment/Job Redesign (JR) Reskilling

  • Details: Employees of companies undergoing business transformation who may be at risk of being made redundant are provided with skills to take on new or redesigned job roles within the company.
  • Benefits for trainees: Discounts on course fees for individuals, starting from 70% off. 

To be eligible for the CCPs, the following criteria for the trainee must be fulfilled:

  • A Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident
  • At least 21 years old, and have completed National Service for at least two years if relevant
  • The new job role the trainee is training for must be significantly different from his/her previous role, requiring reskilling/retraining
  • Able to commit to full-time employment or attachment
  • Not be a shareholder, immediate ex-employee of company or related entities, or be related to shareholders of the company
  • Some companies may have course-specific entry criteria, so be sure to check before applying, e.g. CCP for enrolled nurses

To apply, click here to select from the range of programmes available. 

💡 Gain healthcare experience and earn a competitive side income at the same time

If you are looking to enter the healthcare sector but have no prior experience, being a caregiver can be a good stepping stone and a great way to make that mid-career switch to healthcare. 

Find out how you can get started with being a professional caregiver here and click here to apply today!

[Reskilling and Upskilling] TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) Mid-Career Advance

The TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) is an initiative by the government, industry and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). It aims to develop a skilled Informations and Communications Technology (ICT) workforce for the Singapore economy, and to enhance employability outcomes for individuals. There are various mid-career initiatives available for upskilling. 

1. Company-Led Training (CLT) programme

  • Target group: Mid-level tech professionals with more than three years’ work experience who wish to upskill.
  • Requirements:
    • A Singaporean Citizen
    • Able to commit to completing the full training programme
    • Meet hiring requirements of companies
    • Possess ITE, Diploma, Degree or relevant qualifications
  • Details: This programme provides on-the-job structured training programmes, especially those that support the Digital Economy sector transformation efforts. Trainees can expect to be trained in emerging areas such as 5G, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Software As A Service (SaaS), and more.
  • How to register: Apply for a CLT here.

2. Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme PLUS (CITREP+)

  • Target group: Mid-level tech professionals with more than three years’ work experience who wish to upskill.
  • Requirements:
    • Eligible Singaporeans and PRs
    • Support of company for upskilling
  • Details: This is an initiative supporting upskilling efforts by providing funding for short form courses and/or certification fee support.
  • How to register: Your company or you must have an account with the Infocomm Competency Management System (ICMS). Supporting documents must be submitted, please refer here for more information.

3. TeSA Mid-Career Advance

  • Target group: Mid-level professionals who wish to change industries to a tech role.
  • Requirements:
    • Be at least 40 years old
    • Possess a keen interest to pursue a career in tech
    • Commit to completing the full training programme
    • Meet the hiring requirements of the companies
  • Details: This provides opportunities for Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above to be reskilled or upskilled while holding a tech-related job. Trainees will be hired and trained in upcoming and in-demand areas such as data analytics, software engineering and more.
  • How to register: Click here for a list of participating companies.

4. Tech Immersion and Placement Programme

  • Target group: Mid-level professionals who wish to change industries to a tech role.
  • Requirements:
    • Non-ICT fresh graduates and professionals who are interested in switching to ICT job roles
    • ICT professionals interested in up-skilling in preparation for new tech positions 
    • Individuals with a passion to join or build a tech start-up
  • Details: If you are a graduate from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) background or other disciplines aside from IT, this programme helps you to transit into the digital industries by giving placements in tech roles after undergoing training courses or mentorship & coaching programmes. Individuals who qualify for this programme enjoy a subsidy off the course fees.
  • How to register: Click here for more information.

Subsidies available for a mid-career switch in Singapore

Skillsfuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

The SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy provides eligible individuals aged 40 years and above with discounted prices for approved course fees, in view of encouraging mid-career Singaporeans to reskill and upskill in their careers.

Subsidies available are: 

  • Up to 90% of course fees for SSG-supported courses
  • At least 90% of programme cost for MOE-subsidised full-time and part-time courses from the following universities: 
    • Autonomous Universities (NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SIT and SUSS)
    • Polytechnics
    • Institute of Technical Education
    • LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
    • National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC)

Individuals must qualify for the MOE/SSG base course fee subsidy in order to be eligible for the enhanced rates under the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy.

Skillsfuture Mid-Career Support Package 

The SkillsFuture Mid-Career Support Package aims to assist in helping individuals in their 40s to 50s create more career transition opportunities. This includes a special SkillsFuture Credit top-up of $500 for individuals aged 40 to 60 to fray cost fees. Eligible individuals can use the Additional SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career Support) for SkillsFuture Career Transition Programmes.

Mid-career switch to healthcare

Homage telehealth programme

If you are looking for a more meaningful and fulfilling career, being a caregiver is a good way to help others, while earning an attractive income as well. If you are also looking to enter the healthcare sector, but have no prior experience, this is the best way for you to accumulate caregiving experience and gain hands-on experience. 

Being a Homage caregiver is not about having the right formal qualifications. What’s important is having the right heart and a dedicated attitude to help others with their daily living tasks and self-care needs.

10 Reasons to Consider Being a Home Care Nurse or Caregiver

Find out how you can get started with being a professional caregiver here and click here to apply today!


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