Lina’s Caregiving Journey: Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

by Tan Jia Hui

The changes started mildly enough.

When Mdm Fatimah started asking her daughter, Lina, repeated questions, she just thought her mom was a little forgetful.

Over time, however, she realised that Mdm Fatimah would ask her the same question in the span of minutes. This made it increasingly difficult to brush off her worries and attribute it to a simple lapse of memory. That was when Lina realised that her Mum has dementia.

Wearing Multiple Hats

As a mother of two, having to juggle between her job and caring for her children was tough enough as it is. Now with her mother’s diagnosis, Lina has to take on the added role of being a caregiver to her mom, making it all the more overwhelming for her. 

Caring for a Loved One with Dementia: Where Do I Start?

Getting diagnosed with dementia can be life-altering, both for you and your loved one.

At Homage, we can walk you through how to build a personalised care plan for your loved one. Our Care Professionals undergo dementia caregiving training and are equipped with the right skills set to provide care for your loved ones with dementia.

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For Lina, the natural course of action was to convince her mom to move in with her so that she is able to care for both her mom and her children at the same time. However, Mdm Fatimah was resistant to the idea. 

People with dementia such as Mdm Fatimah tend to be more comfortable when they follow a familiar routine and therefore would prefer to age in an environment familiar to her. Furthermore, she also made it clear to Lina that she wanted to live independently.

As her primary caregiver, Lina comes by Mdm Fatimah’s place several days a week to visit, and calls in at least twice a day to ensure she takes her meals on time. She has also installed a camera which she checks hourly to ensure her Mom is safe at home. 

Despite her efforts, Lina knew that with her various commitments, what she was doing is not sustainable in the long run. She needed to get support for her mother’s caregiving needs to avoid burnout.

Coping with Caregiver Stress and Burnout

Like Lina, many of us struggle with the demands of work and caring for a loved one. This may leave you feeling anxious, stressed, irritable and a constant lack of energy. If you are experiencing caregiver burnout, it is important for you to take a step back and recuperate.

Prevent caregiver burnout by choosing the care option that’s best suited for your needs. At Homage, we offer holistic care options including personal carenursing services, or rehabilitation therapy starting from one hour to round-the-clock care.

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Getting the Best Care for Her Mum

We always want to ensure our loved ones get the best care possible. Lina considered various caregiving options, one of which was getting a foreign domestic helper to care for her Mum. However, as the doctor mentioned that her mother has an aggressive form of dementia, she was afraid that the helper may not be well-equipped to handle difficult situations when they arise. 

A nursing home was also out of the question, as her mother had insisted on ageing in the comfort of her own home. Lina went down to one of the nursing homes and also thought it was not ideal for her Mom because the activities and environment were not tailored for dementia care. 

Personalised Care For Your Loved One

Every individual is different, and their care needs are unique. To give your loved one the best care he/she deserves, we provide a Free Care Consultation for you and your loved one to meet one of our Care Professionals.

Our care professionals will develop a personalised care plan based on the needs and interests of your loved one.

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Deciding to Engage Homage to Care for Her Mum

That was when she chanced upon Homage. Having a trained and experienced caregiver to care for her Mum at home was ideal for Lina.

Care Pro Nora comes by Mdm Fatimah’s place several times a week to provide companionship and prepare meals for her. Experienced in caring for people with dementia, Nora patiently replies to all of Mdm Fatimah’s questions and calmly handles situations as they arise. Even when she misplaced her keys, Nora is understanding and contacts daughter Lina for the spare keys while maintaining a conversation with Mdm Fatimah from outside her home to keep her calm and occupied.

With someone by her side to keep her company and even cooks her favourite dishes for her, Mdm Fatimah’s mood is often lifted when Nora comes by. As her regular caregiver, Nora and Mdm Fatimah have developed a bond much more like friends than between regular caregivers and care recipients.

With Nora around, Lina no longer felt the physical and mental tiredness from caregiving as acutely as before. She now manages to take some time off for herself, and establish a healthier, less hectic routine.

Having a bulk of the caregiving duties lifted off her shoulders, Lina was also able to spend better quality time with Mdm Fatimah and her children without compromising on her own well-being.

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Having Nora around and knowing that she cares for her Mum as she would for her own parents gives Lina peace of mind while she is busy with other commitments.

Caring for a loved one with dementia has its ups and downs, but the right support can go a long way.

Homage provides dementia care support at every stage – from mild to advanced stage dementia, our trained Care Professionals are able to provide companionship, nursing care, night caregiving and home therapy, to keeping your loved one active and engaged.

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