Jasmine Jay: Stay-Home-Mum to Part-Time Caregiver

by Tiffany Ng

Enrolled Nurse Jasmine Jay started out by caring for children before entering elderly care. While her goal is to take an advanced diploma in paediatrics in the near future, Jasmine started toying with the idea of becoming a part-time caregiver, as she was looking for something that would also allow her to stay home to care for her children.

With some encouragement from a close friend, Jasmine took a leap of faith and signed up as a Homage Care Professional. Read on to learn more about her experience with Homage!

What made you decide to be a Homage Care Pro?

Jasmine: After learning that I’d be able to work on a flexible schedule as a Care Pro, I decided to give it a try despite having more experience in childcare. I was a kindergarten and secondary school nurse before Homage. I love kids! But I’ve found that taking care of seniors isn’t so different from taking care of children – we just have to learn how to communicate with them in their own way.

How was your first time taking care of a senior?

Jasmine: It was great! The senior, Mdm Chue, was able to communicate really well with me. Being able to handle different situations all by myself throughout the day really taught me how to be level-headed and believe in myself more.

Now that you’ve taken on a few assignments, how do you feel?

Jasmine: I’m glad that the elderly get to benefit under my utmost care and undivided attention. My increased sense of independence also motivates me to give my best for every family. It’s not as hard as I thought!

I notice little things and make small changes that can lighten the senior’s mood. Sometimes, I help out with simple housework so Mdm Chue can have a good rest without worrying about it. Or I’ll make some markings on medications to let families or their domestic helpers know how to use them correctly.

Have you seen improvements in the seniors’ well-being?

Jasmine: I understand that the seniors can be lonely at times, so I try to cheer them up by providing companionship for the senior and being there for them, interacting with them.

Although it may take some time, it’s an achievement when I see the senior become more chirpy, like Mdm Chue’s. Her mood has definitely improved, compared to my first visit with her! Now, when I arrive, she will say hello and chat with me. Before I leave, she will excitedly ask when I will be coming back. She has become more sociable and happier, maybe because there’s somebody new for her to talk to – me!

If you would like to care for and make a difference in others’ lives like Jasmine, consider becoming a Care Pro today!

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Tiffany Ng
Tiffany loves listening to stories, seeking random fun facts and exploring all things local. She started writing to spark joy and inspire kindness. In her free time, you can find her playing games with her grandparents or planning for her next big adventure on our sunny island.
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