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Here’s how you can earn over $5,000 per month as a Homage Care Professional

Looking for a meaningful nurse job that's also high-paying? Find out how you can earn up to $5,000 per month as a Homage Care Professional.

by Nathasha Lee

Some might see being a nurse as a thankless job with long working hours and relatively low pay. According to representatives from the Ministry of Health, starting yearly salaries for nurses with diplomas was $2,300. The salary of nurses trained at Nitec was $1,740 excluding other components like employers’ CPF contribution and bonuses. Nurses in Singapore typically work between 38 to 42 hours a week, which means that they might earn anywhere between roughly $10 to $15 an hour.

However, at Homage, there is a way that you can help others as a nurse and earn a higher salary at the same time. There are Homage nurses who can earn over $5000 a month from nursing work alone! At Homage, nurses are also called Care Professionals and provide care for a variety of conditions in various settings, including home, hospitals and community care centres. 

In this article, we will talk about how you can earn more as a nurse with Homage, some insider tips from our own Care Pros on maximising your income, and other benefits you can enjoy working with Homage.

How much does Homage Pay Their Care Professionals?

At Homage, most Care Professionals are paid by the hour. Nurse salary is distinguished based on whether you are a registered nurse or an enrolled nurse.

To be an enrolled nurse, you will need to have a Nitec degree in nursing from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). 

To be a registered nurse you need to have earned a relevant degree from one of the schools listed below:

  • Diploma in Nursing/Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing) from Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Health Sciences or Parkway College of Nursing and Allied Health
  • Accelerated Diploma in Nursing from Nanyang Polytechnic School of Health Sciences
  • Degree in Nursing from National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies
  • Degree in Nursing from relevant overseas full-time degree courses

Learn more about becoming a nurse in our career guide for nursing in Singapore.

Pay can range from up to $23 an hour for enrolled nurses and $27 an hour for registered nurses. Working on public holidays and at night from 6 pm to 9 pm will give you higher payouts than working in the afternoon on both weekdays and weekends.

You can also join Homage as a Care Pro even while you are still pursuing your education. This can be helpful if you are a student and want to gain both work experience and a source of part-time income. As a student, you may expect a different salary than if you are an enrolled nurse or a registered nurse.

7 Tips from Top Care Professionals on Earning More with Homage

Let’s take a look at Care Pros Julie and Sara, who are nurses at Homage. (We have given them pseudonyms to protect their identities.)

Julie joined Homage as a Care Pro while she was still in school and is now a registered nurse. Working an average of 65 hours a week, she managed to earn $5980 in 4 weeks! Her weekly earnings in that month ranged from $1275 to $1730. While she currently works an average of 50 hours a week, her weekly earnings consistently exceed $1000. She was able to boost her earnings by going for regular night visits, which lasts from 8 pm to 8 am.

Sara is another Care Professional who has been able to earn a lot while working with Homage. She has more than 15 years of experience working in hospitals in Singapore as well as overseas. After leaving her hospital job, she decided to work with Homage as a freelance nurse. In just 4 weeks she was able to earn around $5700, with earnings averaging around $1500 each week. Her advice is to not be picky with the cases you take on. She takes on visits, regardless of whether they are night or day cases, or fall on weekdays, weekends or public holidays. 

Here are some tips that Care Pros like Julie and Sara, as well as our Operations Team would like to share with you on earning more while working at Homage:

1. Offer more services

Some Care Pros might decide to offer only one or two services that they are comfortable with, like light housekeeping or meal arrangements. However, offering a wider range of services means that more jobs will be available to you and you can earn more. 

For example, you can indicate in the Homage app that you also offer toileting services and can help individuals who face difficulties using the toilet independently. Cases that require toileting services will then be available to you, on top of those who require light housekeeping and meal arrangements.

Screenshot of the My Services page in the Homage Care Pro app

Understandably, there may be times when you think that you are not equipped with the relevant skills to expand your range of services. Upskilling opportunities are available. You can sign up for training courses, such as caregiver training courses provided by the Agency for Care Effectiveness. You can also choose to pursue advanced education such as the Advanced Diploma/Specialist Diploma in Ngee Ann Polytechnic or Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Health Sciences.

2. Consider working on weekends and public holidays

Understanding that weekends and public holidays are usually precious time spent with loved ones, we think it’s only fair to compensate you accordingly. The salary you earn on weekends and public holidays are higher compared to weekdays. 

It is important to take time off for rest if you are busy with studies or other jobs. However, if you need more income, you may consider working on a weekend or public holiday if you are available.

3. Consider working at nights

Nighttime cases have a higher pay rate than daytime cases. You can be paid between $18 to $23 for taking up weekday night cases, compared to between $17 to $21 for weekday cases in the morning or afternoon. 

This can be a good option for students who can take on some night cases for extra income after their classes finish in the day. However, night cases can be limited in numbers, so it’s best to take on night cases in addition to regular daytime cases, rather than to focus solely on night cases.

4. Build rapport with families

Some families prefer to call upon a Care Pro that they are familiar with rather than someone that they do not know. These Care Pros often get repeat or regular visits, sometimes at fixed times on certain days of the week. With this, you can expect to receive a relatively regular weekly income.

Increase your chances of getting regular or repeat visits by providing quality care, building rapport with the seniors under your care and maintaining a good relationship with their families. Becoming more familiar with the people you care for can also help you find meaning in your work through the relationships you build. Satisfied families may also refer you to others who require similar services and help to increase the number of cases available to you.

5. Don’t restrict yourself by location

Some Care Pros may choose to only take up cases that are near them due to convenience. However, doing so will restrict the number of cases available to you. If you are willing to travel, you can take up cases islandwide and naturally earn more. If you are worried that your earnings may not cover your transport fees, fret not. Transportation fee is provided for short-hour cases.

6. Don’t underestimate short-hour cases

Some Care Pros prefer long-hour cases over short-hour visits. However, doing so once again limits the number of cases available to them. Remember, earnings from short-hour cases can add up to a substantial amount, and you don’t have to worry about transport fees because as mentioned earlier, it is provided for short-hour cases.

7. Refer a friend to Homage

Receive $500 for every friend you refer to work as a short-term contract nurse with any of our healthcare partners! The nurse that you refer must sign up with your unique referral code. Once they have applied, Homage will match them to a suitable opportunity with one of our partners. Both you and your friend will receive $500 each once they have successfully completed their first shift. You can direct your friend to our short-term contract nurse webpage for a list of available opportunities.

You can also receive up to $100 each when you refer a friend to join Homage as a freelance nurse.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, but this referral bonus is available for a limited time only. Find out more about our nurse referral programme!

Other Benefits You Get to Enjoy as a Homage Care Professional

Here are some other perks you can look forward to as a Care Professional working with Homage:

  • Let opportunities come to you: Apply once as a Homage Care Pro and explore various opportunities with our partners, which includes home, hospitals and community care institutions.
  • Take control of your schedule: You can control your working hours by choosing between freelance, part-time and full-time opportunities.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage: Deliver care without worry because all of our active Care Pros get comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • Find the perfect fit: Choose where to deliver care with various opportunities, including home care, hospitals and/or community care organisations.
  • Attractive signup bonus: Stand to enjoy attractive bonuses of up to $500 for signing up when there is a surge in demand for Care Pros.
  • Earn over $5,000 per month: Receive a competitive salary that’s higher than the average income of most nurses.

We hope that this article has helped you learn more about the benefits and salary that you can enjoy when you work as a nurse for Homage. Being a nurse does not always have to be associated with unglamorous responsibilities, long hours, and little pay. With Homage, you can make a difference in the lives of others and get good compensation at the same time. 

Even if you’re not a registered or enrolled nurse, don’t worry. We also have opportunities for you as a Homage caregiver, where you can also earn over $5,000 per month.

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