Homage Launches Homage Health to Offer Medical Services to Those at Home

Homage Health offers home medical services such as mobile medicine, teleconsultation and medication delivery for families and care recipients to enjoy a holistic healthcare experience

by Team Homage

SINGAPORE, 3 June 2020 – Homage, the Singapore-based company providing on-demand healthcare services through a combination of certified care professionals and proprietary technology, today announced the launch of Homage Health. This is the company’s newest service segment designed to provide medical services – such as mobile medicine, teleconsultation, and medication delivery – for care recipients in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Building on top of Homage Care, which includes Homage’s core nursing, caregiving and rehabilitation services, the healthcare company has observed a spike in enquiries from existing care service recipients on the availability of medical teleconsultations and home medical services as families increasingly look for options to minimise infection risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Seniors in particular face difficulties accessing professional medical consultations in hospitals and clinics due to a lack of mobility and dependency on family members. This challenge is more apparent in the present time where the more vulnerable of our community is advised to remain homebound. 

As part of providing a holistic healthcare experience, existing trained Homage caregivers and nurses can be engaged to provide in-person support to seniors to carry out teleconsultations with doctors. Homage’s pool of trained caregivers, nurses and therapists can also follow up with the recommended nursing care and procedure, rehabilitation and recovery therapy, or general daily living support prescribed by doctors, playing a vital role in connecting the gaps and truly enabling access to holistic healthcare for everyone in the comfort of their homes.

“It is key we offer a complete range of health and caregiving services for seniors who are most at risk, enabling them to access digital health solutions alongside the need for in-person care when needed,” said Gillian Tee, Co-Founder and CEO of Homage.

“Our mission has always been to enable wellness and recovery through holistic care, which makes our expansion into medical services a natural progression for us.”

Prior to launching publicly, Homage has been supporting health organisational partners to deliver mobile medicine services where doctors on Homage’s platform deliver in-person house calls for care recipients, families and seniors. Homage has also delivered teleconsultations as part of COVID-19 initiatives, powering islandwide mobile clinics.    

Homage Health provides access to local doctors, all of whom undergo a stringent selection process, and are registered with the Singapore Medical Council. All doctors on Homage’s platform have also received training on Singaporean telemedicine guidelines. Users can consult a doctor anytime through video consultations to diagnose common acute conditions such as colds and saw allergies, or when medication refills are needed. Particularly for patients with chronic conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and hypertension, video consultations will be helpful to eliminate the need for repetitive in-person follow-up consultations – allowing them to save time, enjoy reduced costs and doorstep medication delivery. Homage’s teleconsultation services will also be extended for rehabilitation and therapy sessions, such as virtual video call sessions with speech therapists. 

Through mobile medicine, users can request for health screening services including in-home blood tests, followed by teleconsultation or home visits from a doctor, where chronic disease and new symptoms can be triaged and reviewed. It is important to combine the capabilities of in-person examinations for urgent cases such as falls and infections with digital consultations for less urgent needs. This ensures that Homage accurately captures medical histories and conditions. On top of this, doctors on home visits can provide minor surgical procedures, such as simple and complex incisions, drainage, complex wound care, and male catheterisation.

Basic mobile medicine services begin at S$180, while a flat fee of S$20 is imposed for basic teleconsultations. These charges exclude medication dispensation and delivery fees. 

To learn more about the Homage Health service, please visit www.homage.sg/services/doctors-near-me/ or download the Homage mobile app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

About Homage

Homage is an award-winning healthcare solution that combines curated and trained care, therapy and medical professionals with smart technology to manage and provide on-demand holistic home and community-based caregiving, nursing, rehabilitation and medical services. to seniors and adults., allowing them to age and recover with grace, control and dignity. 

As a leading care services provider, Homage’s core services include Care Assessments, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assistance, Home Nursing Procedures, Home Rehabilitation services, including Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy, as well as Home Medical services.

Operating in Singapore and Malaysia, Homage works with care recipients with a range of mobility and medical conditions, including chronic and terminal illnesses such as Dementia, Stroke, Parkinson’s and cancer, helping them be more mobile and functional as well as providing social and personal care. Homage has previously collaborated with government, health, and financial organisations to distribute and deliver home – and community – caregiving services. 

For more information, visit: www.homage.sg.

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