Homage Adds to Leadership Team to Scale Up Home Care Platform and Build Community Partnerships

On-demand home caregiving services platform appoints Melissa Chan as Head of Community and Outreach and Honey Mittal as Chief Product Officer.

by Team Homage

Singapore, 4 July 2019 – Homage, the on-demand home caregiving services platform that combines qualified care professionals with smart technology, today announced that it has made two new additions to its senior management team: Melissa Chan as Head of Community and Outreach and Honey Mittal as Chief Product Officer. 

With the new additions to the team, Homage will now focus on increasing partnerships with ecosystem stakeholders and improving more features to Homage’s product to enhance the delivery and standard of care for its customers. 

“Since launching our platform three years ago, we’ve been working closely with families and aged care stakeholders in Singapore and Malaysia to see how we can improve our solutions to deliver better quality care for seniors,” said Gillian Tee, the CEO and co-founder of Homage.

“I’m thrilled to have strong and mission-driven leaders like Melissa and Honey joining us, as we look to grow our partnerships to reach more underserved segments of aged care, while providing more value-added features on our platform to provide higher accessibility to care and a holistic home senior caregiving solution for our users.” 

Prior to joining Homage, Melissa has built up several years’ experience in the areas of social innovation, community growth and building brand strategies for the hospitality, travel, technology and finance sectors. In addition to her role with Homage, Melissa is also the Founder and CEO of Project We Forgot – a community for caregivers to persons with dementia that provides locally- relevant support, knowledge, and access to services. She is also a Steering Group member of the World Young Leaders in Dementia (WLYD), a global network of professionals that works across disciplines to develop and innovate dementia solutions. 

At Homage, Melissa will be responsible for forming collaborations with stakeholders in the care delivery sector, with the key aim to reach out to more community segments that can benefit from Homage’s solution by working with public and private sector partners in Singapore and Malaysia. This includes cooperating with voluntary organisations to support lower-income segments, as well as exploring partnerships with insurance and corporate HR departments to cater to middle-income groups. 

“Homage has created an impactful solution for the ageing communities in Singapore and Malaysia, especially with both countries set to become aged nations over the next few decades,” said Melissa Chan, the Head of Community and Outreach at Homage.

“However, impactful solutions can only be created via the power of collaboration and partnerships, so I am excited to join the company and support them in forming the right ones to ensure that we can improve the lives of as many communities as possible.” 

Meanwhile, Homage’s new Chief Product Officer, Honey, has held similar roles with numerous Southeast Asian start-ups, where he has helped to build a global travel marketplace and various FinTech products. At Homage, he is responsible for further developing and scaling Homage’s product delivery – overseeing matters including product strategy and road mapping, product engineering and automation, management advisory and market expansion. 

Honey has joined the team at a time where Homage is emphasising the scaling up of its proprietary platform to provide a more user-friendly, end-to-end care management experience for families as well as its community and enterprise customers. To do this, the company is focusing on improving its platform to make it simpler and more convenient for families to obtain their care assessment, get more informed recommendations on their care delivery and raise their visibility over the care being provided. These features include an improved matching system, the better facilitation of payments and an incidence resolution tool that allows users to receive immediate help during emergency situations. 

In addition to these, in Q2 2019, Homage underwent beta testing of its e-commerce marketplace. Integrated into Homage’s app, the marketplace has essentials needed by caregivers; such as wheelchairs, walking aids, hospital beds and adult diapers. Initially rolled out in Singapore, the marketplace will be expanded to include more products in Q3 2019 and launches in Malaysia in Q4 of this year. The firm also has long-term plans to expand its services in more markets across Southeast Asia. 

“Homage’s unique approach that blends trusted care professionals and smart technology is transformative, in that it helps families obtain the right care at the right time for its senior members conveniently through its mobile app,” said Honey Mittal, Chief Product Officer at Homage.

“Now that we have set sights on further expansion, we are scaling up our product with more innovative features that add more value and improve the user experience. As we continue to grow, I’m looking forward to leveraging on my experiences to ensure that Homage’s platform can capably meet the needs of our users.” 

Launched in 2016, Homage was founded by Gillian Tee and Lily Phang when they saw that seniors require more personalised and holistic care that allows them to age with grace, control and dignity. Homage seeks to do this via its proprietary matching engine that pairs seniors with the best care professionals for their needs. By using the Homage app, family members can schedule, manage, and monitor care visits from anywhere, stay connected with the care professional and get real-time information on the care their senior is receiving.

About Homage 

Homage is an award-winning personal care solution that combines curated and trained care professionals with smart technology to manage and provide on-demand holistic home and community-based caregiving to seniors and adults, allowing them to age and recover at home with grace, control and dignity. 

As a leading care services provider, Homage’s core services include Care Assessments, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assistance, Home Nursing Procedures and Home Rehabilitation services, including Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. 

Operating in Singapore and Malaysia, Homage works with care recipients with a range of mobility and medical conditions, including chronic and terminal illnesses such as Dementia, Stroke, Parkinson’s and cancer, helping them be more mobile and functional as well as providing social and personal care. Homage has previously collaborated with government, health and financial organisations to distribute and deliver home- and community- caregiving services. 

For more information, visit https://www.homage.sg 

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