Best Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Bathrooms

People tend to detest cleaning their bathrooms - but here are some tips to make it easier for you!

by Send Helper

When it comes to cleaning your home, the bathroom tends to be the last place you want to clean. While deep cleaning your bathroom can be a difficult task, especially when you only do it once in a while, there are ways you can make it easier and more efficient for you.

Here are some tips on how you can make deep-cleaning your bathrooms less tedious and daunting!

Clean the bathrooms dry before you clean them wet

Decluttering and dusting the dirt on the bathroom should be the first step of cleaning it. Start by paying attention to dust boards, toilets, counters, baseboards, and light fixtures and by dusting them all before cleaning them wet. It will make cleaning easy for you as you will not make wet sludge out of dust and hair during cleaning.

Use disinfecting liquids in areas that need them

Use disinfecting liquids to clean the dirty parts of the bathroom like the toilet bowl. You can choose regular, all-purpose cleaners or mild distilled white vinegar to clean the other areas. There is no need to waste disinfecting cleaners and bleach by using them in places that do not require them.

Remove the mats and towels

Remove the excess dirt and dust by vacuuming and washing the bath mats and towels in the bathroom. You can take the mats and towels to the laundry room to wash and dry them and take the fresh and fluffy bathroom mats and towels back to the cleaned bathrooms. Bare floors make cleaning easy for you as well.

Declutter and rearrange 

An organised bathroom is likely to be cleaner if we focus more on decluttering and organising than cleaning in the first place. Keeping everything you use in the cabinets and drawers will help reduce the dust. Also, make sure to remove the bottles of expired products and keep the ones you love to use often at accessible places.

Get the right cleaning tools 

The first step you will have to take before you begin deep-cleaning your bathrooms is to get all the right cleaning tools. Take all those tools to the bathroom, otherwise, you’ll have to go out looking for them once you start cleaning. Gathering the tools and keeping them in the bathroom before you start cleaning will help you stay more focused.

Clean from top to bottom

To clean a bathroom from top to bottom is one of the most useful pieces of advice we can give you. The hack of cleaning from top to bottom also applies to your bathrooms as well. Start cleaning the uppermost areas of your bathroom and clean all the way down. It helps you ensure that the efforts you took for cleaning some areas don’t get wasted. For instance, the floors will get dirty again with new spots if you start by wiping and cleaning the floor first and go on with wiping down the counters. This hack applies to all types of cleaning from dusting to wet cleaning.

Clean the glasses and mirrors

You can clean the mirrors and glass showers of bathrooms by lightly misting them and wiping them with a microfibre cloth. You can even use an old t-shirt that is made of a lint-free material. Then switch the sides of the cloth to give it a dry shine. You can also use a squeegee to keep them streak-free.

Clean the soap dispensers and other items on countertops 

The items of the countertops are more likely to be dusty if you haven’t cleaned your bathroom in a while. Make sure that you clean them using a wet cloth to make sure that they are free of dust. You can use an all-purpose cleaner and a cleaning rag to clean the soap dispensers and countertop items like dishes and jewellery vases.

Clean the countertops

You can use granite cleaner to clean granite counters to give them the best look and use an all-purpose cleaner for other types. Make sure that you clean the countertops before you clean the sinks as you are most likely to knock the dirt into the sink as you wipe them down the area.

Clean the faucets and fixtures 

Glass-cleaning rags and glass cleaners could help you clean the fixtures and sink. You can also use an all-purpose cleaner and scrub brush to clean dirt from the faucets and fixtures and wipe the areas clean.

Clean the toilet bowl

You can start by giving the toilet a dry wipe-down and spritz its outside with a cleaner to wipe it from top to bottom. It helps this way because you are about to clean from the least to the dirtiest parts of the toilet. Once you are done cleaning the outside, you can open the toilet and spray the cleaner down the inside of the toilet lid and the top and bottom of the toilet seat.

Make sure that you spray the cleaner on the top and sides as well before you start cleaning. You can finally sprinkle either the toilet cleaner of your preference or some baking soda into the toilet and start cleaning with a toilet brush to clean all around the inside. You can sandwich the toilet brush between the rim and the toilet seat with the lid open so that the brush can drip dry over the toilet.

Clean the floors

Always start by wiping down and cleaning the baseboards first before you go to wipe the floors. Using an all-purpose cleaner is a good way to clean the floors if the bathroom is really small. Also, make sure that you do not miss cleaning behind the base of the toilet where most of the dirt and dust is likely to settle.

Cleaning service in Singapore for deep cleaning bathrooms

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This article is authored by Sendhelper. Sendhelper is an online marketplace connecting homeowners with verified service providers who offer premium solutions for everyday household needs in Singapore. Their selection of services include weekly/biweekly and move-in/out cleaning, cooking, laundry, aircon, handyman, tasks and errands, and pest control.
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Send Helper
Sendhelper is an online marketplace connecting homeowners with verified service providers who offer premium solutions for everyday household needs in Singapore. Their selection of services include weekly/biweekly and move-in/out cleaning, cooking, laundry, aircon, handyman, tasks and errands, and pest control.
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