Caregiver burnout happens. This isn’t great when mum and dad still need to be cared for. If you’re looking for extra help and are trying to figure out which elder care service to choose, start here. We break down three types of elder care services in Singapore – day care centres, home care and nursing homes.


Elder Care Service 1: Day Care Centres

When you’re at work and don’t want your loved one left at home in the day, day care centres can be an option. They provide supervision, elder care, and offer social and recreational activities like karaoke and handicrafts.

These programmes help seniors stay physically and mentally active, and allows them to socialise with others, instead of staying home alone. Meals and transport can be arranged as well.

Some centres also provide medical and therapy services. For example, there are specialised dementia day care centres that provide social and therapeutic activities that help slow the onset of dementia.

Other services they offer include day rehabilitationsocial day carehospice day care, and senior activity centre.

RequirementsVaries from centre to centre. Some may require those with disabilities to be referred by a medical personnel.

Cost: $900-$1,500/month (before means-testing for subsidies)


Elder Care Service 2: On-demand Home Care

A trained caregiver will care for your loved one at home so they don’t have to leave a familiar environment, and you can go to work with a peace of mind.

Home elder care services include nursing care but also covers help with activities of daily living, like showering, companionship or escort to medical or social appointments. 

These certified caregivers can also help those with conditions like dementia or diabetes. Some, like Homage, also offer home rehabilitation services (like physiotherapy).

Home elder care services are typically flexible. For example, Homage can accommodate short to long-term use, 24 hours or overnight help, all without a lock-in contract. This means you book only the hours you need.

RequirementsThe most fuss-free option. No referrals from medical personnel required and care can be arranged on short notice. With Homage, your first visit can start within 1-3 days of your request.

Cost: From $20/hour

Elder Care Service 3: Nursing Home

If your loved one needs skilled nursing care and/or assistance with daily living, short-term respite care in a nursing home can also be an option.

Nursing homes provide various elder care services including nursing care, physiotherapy, dietary services, and dental care. They are run by trained nurses, available around-the-clock. Some homes also provide care for elders with dementia or stable psychiatric conditions. However, residents have to follow a strict routine.

Requirements: Typically require you to try all other elder care options first, such as day care, home care, or hiring a foreign domestic worker.

Cost: $1,200-$3000/month (before means-testing for subsidies)


We know it is not easy to cope with these challenges alone, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

Should you or someone you know need support with caregiving, we can help. Reach out to us at 6100 0055.