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15 Diabetic-Friendly Snacks You Can Buy in Singapore for a Guilt-Free Indulgence

Craving something sweet but don’t want to put your health at risk? Here are 15 diabetic-friendly snacks you can buy in Singapore for a guilt-free indulgence!

by Samantha Poh

Snacks! A wonderful treat anytime of the day and an important part of life for Singaporeans that are famously in love with good food. However, for someone with diabetes, having to abstain from snacks which are often too high in sugar and salt can be a sad and painful experience. Even if you are a healthy individual, cutting back on snacks with excess sugar and salt is always a good idea. Home preparation of snacks that are suitable for a diabetic diet is a favourable alternative but it can be too time-consuming and repetitive over time.

So for our friends with diabetes, or those who simply wish to eat healthier, fret not! We have prepared a list of sugar-free and hassle-free snacks that you can easily buy at cafés, shops, and supermarkets in Singapore to satisfy your snack attacks!

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Diabetic-Friendly Fresh Bakes & Treats 

Want to sink your teeth into some warm and fragrant muffins, but turned away by the heaps of sugar and carbs that go into these baked goods? You can still get your fix of non-sugary goodness at these cafés and bakeries in Singapore that offer freshly-prepared, diabetic-friendly bakes. These bakes are as delicious as their regular counterparts thanks to sweeteners, low-glycaemic index (GI) plant-based ingredients, and lots of culinary ingenuity! 

1) Ange Bakes Keto Bakery & Café

Ange Bakes Keto, for diabetic-friendly snacks and foods

Source: Ange Bakes Keto Bakery & Café

Local founders, Angie and Joy, are dedicated to ensuring that all food products they offer are ketogenic and diabetic-friendly. Their astonishing range of fresh bakes are made with grain-free flour and natural sweeteners, meaning that you can indulge in cookies, muffins, cakes, pastries, breads, spreads, and drinks without consuming almost any carbs or sugar! Their unique bakes, reasonable prices, and outstanding reviews are a definite draw even for foodies that are just looking for healthier snacks that are just as delicious.

Apart from their delectable selection of sweet treats, Ange Bakes Keto has also come up with savoury snacks such as Chicken Curry Puffs ($20 for box of 6), Spicy Sardine Puffs ($20 for box of 6), Tuna Mayo Puffs ($20 for box of 6), and Feta Cheese with Spinach Rolls ($12.60 for 4 rolls). Fantastic options for switching up your snack palette! 

Check out Ange Bakes Keto’s chic and cosy café in-person, or order online through their website, GrabFood, or FoodPanda. A small range of their muffins, cookies, cakes, and spreads are also available on FairPrice Online and at some FairPrice outlets.

Address: 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, #B1-07, Singapore 179803

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri (11am–5pm); Sat (11am–6pm); closed on Sun

Contact number: +65 8488 0891

Website | Instagram | Facebook

2) Annabella Pâtisserie

Annabella Patisserie cake for diabetic-friendly snacks

Source: Annabella Pâtisserie 

Annabella Pâtisserie is a made-in-Singapore bakery with humble beginnings. Starting from a home kitchen in a HDB flat, it has now grown into an international brand that specializes in French-Japanese bakes. Their sugar-free and xylitol-based bakes include Walnut Brownies ($28.80 for 11×11 cm, $50 for 18×18 cm), Tiramisu Cakes ($35 for 11×11 cm, $70 for 18x18cm), Hazelnut Cakes ($48.80 for 11×11 cm, $80 for 18×18 cm) and Burnt Cheesecakes ($69.90), meaning that our diabetic friends won’t have to miss out on the current burnt cheesecake craze! Unfortunately, their signature macarons are not diabetic-friendly yet.

Although they do not have a physical store for dine-in patrons, you can still get their fresh bakes via self-collection at their factory or opt for same-day delivery service through their online store, Qoo10, Shopee, and eight island-wide locations for GrabFood and FoodPanda. If you stay updated with their Facebook page, you may be lucky enough to catch their sales and pop-up stores around the island!

Address: 20 Bukit Batok Cres, #09-01/11-02 Central Kitchen Enterprise Centre, Singapore 658080

Opening Hours: Daily (8am–6pm) 

Contact number: +65 8823 8808

Website | Instagram | Facebook

3) Camaca

Diabetic-friendly chocolate from Camaca

Source: Camaca | Facebook

Camaca was founded in Taiwan by a traditional chinese medicine (TCM) doctor and a Michelin-starred chef, who both were on the mission to create sugar-free delights to benefit the health of the masses. 

Now, with a classy two-storey cafe in Singapore, you too can enjoy their signature sugar-free gelatos that are also known for being displayed in adorable macaron-like capsules ($5.80–9.80) and beautiful boxes of 82% Nama Chocolates ($18) right beside.If you’d like to enjoy some of their delights at home, don’t forget to order a tub of sugar-free ice cream! Choose from six exciting flavours such as Musang King Durian ($22), Strawberry Latte ($15), or Tiramisu ($15). Other sweet creations include the Passion Mango Sorbet ($15), Vanilla Cheese Roll ($20), Nutty Caramel Tart ($2.50), and a decadent selection of cakes!

Address: 9 King Albert Park, #01-11/12, Singapore 598332

Opening Hours:  Daily (10am–10pm)

Contact number: +65 6904 3811

Facebook |

4) Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

Source: Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

Delcie’s offers fresh diabetic-friendly (DF), gluten-free (GF), keto, and vegan bakes like cookies, muffins, cupcakes, slice cakes, and whole cakes. All of their bakes are trans-fat free, higher in fiber, and lower in calories, cholesterol, sugar, and sodium, earning them the Healthier Choice Certification from Singapore’s Health Promotion Board. The key to their DF bakes is the use of natural sweeteners, such as organic agave, organic coconut sugar, and stevia, in place of cane sugar to give you that same sweet kick without agitating your blood sugar level.

Pop by their physical store to have some wholemeal chocolate chip muffins ($5) or try a slice of their signature cakes ($7–12) before placing an order for a whole cake in-person or online. Prices for their DF whole cakes range from $78 for a round 5-inch Mud Fudge Cake to $85 for a round 6-inch Strawberry Cheesecake. 

Address: 34 Whampoa West, #01-83, Singapore 330034

Opening Hours:  Mon (closed); Tue to Sun (11am–8pm)

Contact number: +65 6282 2951

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5) The GoodFats Kitchen (SuperPopStore)

Good Fats Kitchen beef pizza, for diabetic friendly snacks

Source: SuperPopStore

If you’re someone who believes that a whole pizza is a snack, you’d be glad to know that The GoodFats Kitchen serves up a comprehensive range of ready-to-eat, gluten-free pizzas, including meaty options such as Organic Chicken Pizza ($22.90) and vegetarian options such as Garlic Buttered Mushroom Pizza ($19.90). If you’re like the rest of us, you would probably prefer to opt for small portions of other savoury low-carb snacks instead, such as Cheesy Korean Garlic Bread ($10.90) and Crispy Fried Chicken Bites ($15.90).

They also offer an extensive range of creative bakes, running the gamut from their signature Best Ever Zucchini Bread Muffins ($18.90) and Fluffy KETO Almond Bun ($9.90) to Black Sesame Cake ($24). Do order your items 2 to 4 days in advance for pickup at their kitchen.

Address: 5 Ridgewood Close, Unit G1, Singapore 276696

Opening Hours: Tue to Sat (10am–8pm) *No dine-in, currently open for pickup only*

Contact number: +65 8182 2151

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Diabetic-Friendly Packaged Snacks

Enjoy your favourite snacks on-the-go with these diabetic-friendly packaged treats that you can easily purchase from supermarkets or specialty stores!

1) Popcorn

Popcorn may sound like an indulgent treat for the movies, but did you know that it could just be one of the best low GI treats around? Make your own unsweetened and unsalted popcorn at home from raw popcorn, or coat yours with sugar-free syrup for a satisfactory but healthy snack.

You can purchase a pack of 400g of raw popcorn at $2.20 from Fairprice online as well as Fairprice supermarkets.

2) Nuts

Diabetic-friendly snacks in Singapore, nut mix from Just Nuts

Source: Just Nuts

Unflavoured and unsalted nuts are a healthy and nutritious snack for people with diabetes as they generally contain a high amount of proteins, omega-3, vitamins, and minerals, while having very low amounts of sugars and carbohydrates. Unflavoured raw or roasted almonds, walnuts, macadamias, hazelnuts, pecans, and peanuts are a handful of great options to mix into your snack pack for a yummy bite!

Unflavoured nuts can be readily purchased in bulk stores, such as Scoop Wholefoods, or in online bulk stores such as Just Nuts. You can also find pre-packaged nuts in most supermarkets, but be sure to check that they do not have added sugars!

3) Farmers Union Greek Style Yoghurt – Natural / High Protein / Probiotic 

Unsweetened and unflavoured greek-style yoghurts are good diabetic-friendly snacks that also provide a good amount of protein, calcium, and probiotics! To ensure that a cup of yoghurt won’t spike your blood sugar, check the nutrition label and select yoghurts with less than 15 g of total carbohydrates and less than 10 g of total sugars. The Natural, High Protein, and Probiotic Farmers Union Greek Style Yoghurts are good options that fit well into these recommended limits. Pair them with some low-GI and fibre-rich fresh fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries, and oranges, or nuts for a healthy flavour boost!

In FairPrice supermarkets or on FairPrice Online, you can get a 1 kg tub of Natural Farmers Union Greek Style Yoghurt for $10.15 or two 140 g cups for $3.85. High Protein and Probiotic versions are sold in 500 g tubs that go for $5.50 each. Natural Farmers Union Greek Style Yoghurts are also available in most other supermarkets, such as Giant, Sheng Shiong, and Prime.

4) Bulla Cottage Cheese – Original / Onion & Chives

Cottage cheese is known for being high in protein, calcium, and vitamin B12, while being low in fat and carbohydrates, making it a great diabetic-friendly cheese! You can enjoy Bulla Cottage Cheeses ($5.15 / 200 g) straight from the tub or add it to salads.

A 200 g tub of Bulla Cottage Cheese is priced at $5.90 on Cold Storage’s online store and can be readily purchased in-store as well.

5) Delphi Hummus Dip – Classic / Reduced Fat / Chargrilled Red Pepper / Lemon & Coriander / Black Olive

Hummus for diabetic-friendly snacks

Source: Delphi Foods | Facebook

Hummus is a fantastic snacking option for diabetics as it is rich in proteins, fibres, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, while containing very little sugars, giving it an extremely low GI. Delphi Hummus Dips are thick and creamy, with a wide range of flavours that make them perfect for satisfying your savoury cravings and filling your tummy! Just grab some diabetic-friendly crackers, cucumber slices, or baby carrots to go with your hummus dip, or eat it straight from the tub (we won’t judge).

 A 170 g tub of Delphi Hummus Dip costs $5.95 on Shopee.

6) Balance Chocolate Bar – Milk / Dark / Nuts / Coconut Crisps / Cocoa Rice Vegan / Blueberries & Strawberries / Orange

Get your fill of Belgian chocolates with Balance Chocolate Bars! Balance uses stevia as a natural sweetener to completely substitute sugars in their chocolates, making them ideal for diabetics. If you’re just looking for a healthier alternative for your chocolate-snacking habits, Balance Chocolate Bars are a good option as they are rich in fibre and contain fewer calories compared to conventional chocolate bars.

Balance’s chocolates come in 85 g bars that cost $7 at The Diabetic Shop, which is a Singapore-based online store that specializes in diabetic-friendly food and diabetes-related products. You may also find Balance Chocolate Bars at the health foods section of a supermarket near you.

7) Quickbury Sugarfree Cookies – Almond / Hazelnut / Choco Chips

Want to stock up on cookies in your pantry? Try Quickbury’s Sugarfree Cookies in three flavours: Almond, Hazelnut, and Choco Chips.

If you’re already looking forward to snacking on these sugar-free treats, you can order a box of 150g for $4.00 via Fairprice Online or at your nearest Fairprice supermarket.

8) Organic Pocket Sticks – Strawberry Yoghurt / Blueberry Granola Yoghurt / Chocolate Cacao Nibs / Mocha & Milk / Matcha Almond

Drop your sugar-coated biscuit sticks for these sugar-free ones from Thailand! Natural stevia sweetener, whole wheat flour, and pea and soy proteins are used so that you can munch on these Organic Pocket Sticks without guilt. Plus, they come in a wide range of tantalizing flavours so you definitely won’t get bored of them!

Organic Pocket Sticks are sold as a box of three 75 g packs for $13.90 at Low-Kcal, which is a Singapore-based online store that brings in tried-and-tested yummy and healthy snacks from all around the world.

9) JIN “Geongang” Kimchi

Jin Geonjang Kimchi for diabetic-friendly snacks in Singapore.

Source: Jin Kimchi

Excite your taste buds with some sweet and savoury Korean flavours! JIN “Geongang” Kimchi is specially formulated to be diabetic-friendly as natural monk fruit sweetener is used in place of sugar. It is also MSG-free, gluten-free, vegan, and proudly made in Singapore. Based on its impressive reviews, JIN “Geongang” Kimchi will be sure to satisfy your kimchi cravings!

You can buy a 345 g jar of JIN “Geongang” Kimchi for $15.90 at JIN Kimchi’s online store.

10) Walden Farms Sauces

Supermarket salads can be a convenient healthy snack, but the accompanying dressings might throw you off your daily sugar limit. Walden Farms is here to the rescue with a magnificent array of calorie-free and sugar-free dressings and sauces, including Hickory Smoked BBQ, Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bacon Ranch, and Amazing Mayo. They also have zero-calorie and zero-sugar spreads and syrups to top off your diabetic-friendly sweet treats.

All Walden Farms Sauces are sold at a standard price of $9.20 per 365 ml bottle at The Diabetic Shop, where you may browse the full array of Walden Farms products. A limited selection of items are also available in-store and online at some supermarkets.


With 5 bakeries for freshly-made snacks and 10 easy-to-find packaged snacks, this concludes our list of 15 diabetic-friendly snacks that we hope you will incorporate into your snacking habits for a healthier you!

Still not satisfied? Check out our list of diabetic-friendly Chinese New Year Snacks and our food guide for those with diabetes, or learn more about the symptoms of diabetes and how you may prevent it.

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