COVID-19 Sanitisation: How to Clean Your Home Post COVID-19 Recovery?

Find out how you can do a thorough COVID-19 sanitisation of your home following recovery from the illness.

by Send Helper

COVID-19 sanitisation at home after recovery

If you or a a member of your household has been infected with COVID-19, it is important to clean and disinfect your household to prevent any further spreading of the virus. The virus can be present on any object that the infected person has touched, and these viruses can easily multiply on your other household items, potentially spreading the illness to other people in the household.

While the virus will disintegrate with time, your home should still be thoroughly disinfected to ensure that exposure to the virus is minimised, even after the infected person has recovered.

Here are some steps you can take to do a good and thorough COVID-19 sanitisation of your home following recovery.

Steps to do COVID-19 sanitization at home after COVID-19 recovery

Once the infected person recovers from covid, follow these steps to clean and disinfect your home:

  • Wear a mask and a pair of gloves before you start the cleaning.
  • Ventilate all the rooms by running the fans and keeping the windows open.
  • Clean every surface of the room and bathroom used by the infected individual. You can clean the surfaces by using detergent and water. Make sure to cover all the common areas and surfaces like bathroom fixtures.
  • Follow the label instructions before using disinfectants on hard surfaces, and give it some time to work on these surfaces and objects before wiping them.
  • Clean soft materials such as drapes, carpets and rugs as per the label instructions regarding how to use detergents on them.
  • Wash clothes using regular laundry detergent and warm water. Do not shake used linens or clothes before washing.
  • Finally, get rid of the trash in the room only by wearing a pair of gloves. Make sure to wash the trash bins and your hands after waste disposal.

How to clean the floors?

You can use a cup of bleach mixed with 3-4 litres of water and then mop the floors to get rid of germs and viruses. If needed, dilute this solution and use them on nonporous tile floors, but make sure that you avoid getting the solution on your grout. Use disinfecting wet mops to clean hardwood floors, or clean them with a solution prepared using half a cup of white vinegar and a gallon of water.

How to clean bathroom surfaces?

Use hydrogen peroxide to clean bathroom floors and tiles. Pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide directly on bathroom sinks, countertops and floors and let it soak for fifteen minutes and do its job. Follow the cleaning by scrubbing the surfaces and rinsing them with water.

Another important thing to do is to either clean your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide or replace your toothbrush with a new one.

How to clean electronics?

Put a wipeable cover on electronics such as smartphones, tablets, keyboards, and remote controls as it makes cleaning easier. You should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions on all the devices while cleaning each. Use a disinfectant liquid with alcohol content to wipe their surface as it dries quickly.

How to do laundry?

When doing laundry after COVID-19 infection, you should use the warmest water setting to wash the clothes. Wear a pair of gloves while touching the clothes of the infected person, and wash the clothes separately. Make sure that you clean and disinfect the laundry baskets and cloth hampers, and wash your hands after you take their clothes.

How to prepare home for kids after COVID-19 recovery?

Children are more immunocompromised to infection than adults, and hence more care should be taken while doing COVID-19 sanitisation at homes with children. Here are a few things you need to know:

Clean and disinfect the play areas

Children are most likely to run around the house, especially when they are not allowed outside. However, confine your child’s playing into a particular room or area when someone in your family is affected with COVID-19. Clean and disinfect their play areas and toys daily.

Wash all used clothes 

Take all the rugs and towels your children have been using, and replace them with fresh pieces. Change the bedsheets, pillow covers, curtains and mats in their room and replace these with fresh ones washed and dried in sunlight. Also, deep clean their beds and expose them to sunlight.

Wash their clothes separately

Do not wash your child’s clothes along with the clothes of others whether the clothes belong to a non-infected person or not. The aim is to avoid maximum chances of infection in children. Keep the used clothes of your children in separate baskets until you wash them, and disinfect the baskets each time you empty them.

Clean and disinfect the bathroom thoroughly 

You can do cleaning and disinfecting of kids’ bathroom by following the steps mentioned above in the article. You need to just make sure that you cover all the surfaces. Use disinfectant sprays on toilet seats and other fixtures after you finish cleaning.

Disinfect electronics and other study materials

Children these days are engaged in online activities more often, which makes them use electronics for long hours. Make sure that you wipe clean the electronics they use including keyboards.

Also, disinfect their daily study objects such as pens and pencils using a spray sanitiser. You can also use a soft cloth to wipe the table and surface of books with some amount of sanitiser.

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This article is authored by Sendhelper. Sendhelper is an online marketplace connecting homeowners with verified service providers who offer premium solutions for everyday household needs in Singapore. Their selection of services include weekly/biweekly and move-in/out cleaning, cooking, laundry, aircon, handyman, tasks and errands, and pest control.
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Send Helper
Sendhelper is an online marketplace connecting homeowners with verified service providers who offer premium solutions for everyday household needs in Singapore. Their selection of services include weekly/biweekly and move-in/out cleaning, cooking, laundry, aircon, handyman, tasks and errands, and pest control.
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