Bridging the Gap of Long-Distance Caregiving

Long-distance caregiving is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety and guilt. Here is how Grace Tan made the miles feel less significant for her and her parents.

by Team Homage

An Unexpected Tumble

Falls pose a risk of injury at any age but they are particularly dangerous for the elderly. Compared to other age groups, those above 60 years of age are the most likely to experience a fatal fall. For many children with ageing parents, this statistic can be frightening, especially if they are caring from a distance. 

Recovering from a fall also relies heavily on the speed of the medical response and post-hospitalisation care. Ms Grace Tan recounts her experience of getting medical escort services and home care with Homage after her mother had a life-threatening fall earlier this year.

Homage is a home-based care solutions platform connecting professional caregivers with families in Singapore. Be it respite care or long-term care, Homage offers various solutions to help your loved ones recover in the comfort of home.

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Caring From a Distance

Madam Chuang, a retired pharmacist suffered from a fall in March 2021. She was in severe pain and became immobile for 5 days after the accident. Her daughter, Grace was getting increasingly concerned as she was unable to check up on her mother at home due to the international travel restrictions brought on by COVID-19. On top of that, her mother was also the primary caregiver for Grace’s father, Mr Tan.

Urgently requiring help for her elderly parents, Ms Tan contacted Homage for assistance.

My mother had a fall at home and it left her immobile. She was unable to seek medical help which was very worrying, said Grace. Due to the COVID-19 travel restriction, I was unable to travel back. I knew I had to engage a local professional assistance immediately.

Homage Care Professionals go through extensive training and are equipped to provide care for people diagnosed with different conditions, recovering from injury or surgery and medical escort services.

Other services include:

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A Startling Discovery

During the first visit, Care Professional Sally found Madam Chuang to have very little energy and was severely dehydrated. As a licensed and trained nurse, Care Pro Sally was able to assess Madam Chuang’s condition and an ambulance was immediately called to take her to the hospital. It is here where it was discovered that Madam Chuang had contracted pneumonia after her fall and a delayed hospital visit could have been life-threatening.

Homage was able to provide exactly what I needed – someone to check in on my mother’s condition and advise on how to seek medical assistance. Not only were the Homage team of Care Professionals my “eyes”, but they were also my “hands” and “legs” as I managed my mother’s condition remotely from overseas. The medical team that assessed my mother on the first visit knew that she had to be sent to the hospital for urgent medical treatment.

Supporting Your Family and Providing Care from Afar

Homage provides access to quality care through our home care packages – from help with activities of daily living (ADLs) like showering and medical escort to nursing procedures. For families with live-in helpers on off-days, Homage can also step in to provide respite care to accompany your loved ones to their medical appointments or provide primary care in the meantime.

Our Care Professionals are also here to provide companionship, night caregiving and home therapy, to keeping your loved one active and engaged.

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Throughout the admission and hospitalisation, Care Pro Sally was able to make sure Madam Chuang received care promptly, helped to monitor her condition and updated Ms Grace on her mother’s condition and treatments.

Due to their experience, the hospital admission went smoothly and my mother was able to receive the medical help she required promptly. In addition, I was able to engage Care Professionals to visit and provide additional care services for my mother during her hospitalisation. More importantly, they kept me updated on her condition and the treatments she was receiving.

After her discharge from the hospital, Care Pro Sally accompanied her home and reunited her with her husband, Mr Tan. While recuperating at home, Madam Chuang still required help with grocery shopping, personal hygiene, toileting, light housekeeping and meal arrangements.

Madam Chuang was more than happy to have extra companionship for herself and Mr Tan. She was very fond of the conversations she would have with the Care Pros and was very thankful she was reminded to take her medication and received help with her family’s laundry schedule.

While the fall caused my mother to be immobile, it was a fortunate thing that she did not sustain any fracture or head injury. As such, recuperating at home was the ideal situation. Home-based care allowed my mother to be in the comfort of home while receiving essential assistance in her daily living and recovery.

Flexible and Personalised Care At Your Fingertips

Each family is unique and may need different levels of caregiving support throughout a lifetime. Homage offers personalised care from as little as 1 hour or round-the-clock care for you and your loved ones. To give your loved one the best care he/she deserves and needs, we provide a Free Care Consultation for you and your loved one to meet one of our care professionals.

Families choose to use Homage for a variety of reasons, including post-hospitalisation or post-discharge care. Speak with one of our Care Advisors today to find out how Homage can help you with care.

While Ms Grace is still unable to provide hands-on care for her parents, she can now sleep peacefully knowing that help is always available with just a few taps away.

At Homage, our trained and experienced Care Professionals are able to look after your loved ones when you are not around and give you that added peace of mind.

The Homage app has been instrumental in the swift communication and coordination with the Care Pro team. Moreover, the various caregivers and nurses that Homage engaged were highly professional, capable and dedicated. Through my interactions with them, it was apparent that they truly cared for my parents and very often, they went beyond what was required to ensure the work was done well in the interest of my loved ones. And this is what truly matters.

Choosing the Best Care For Your Loved One While You’re Away

Long-distance caregiving can be complicated and stressful. With a bit of help and experience from the right care professionals, you will be able to better cope with the caregiving duties while you’re away.

Homage has many caregivers from all walks of life. With a trained caregiver, your loved one will be able to maintain a healthy routine, all while being empowered to continue living a fulfilling life. Reach out to us and we will help you find the best care options for your loved one.

Affordable and Quality Home Care with Homage From Just $23/hr*

In Singapore, personal care and nursing care can cost anywhere from $20-$40 an hour. With Homage care packages, you can benefit from great cost savings by offsetting the expenses of one-off personal care or nursing care services. Homage offers home care packages starts from just $23/hr*! Book a FREE consultation with our Care Advisors to find out more today!

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