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Becoming a Freelance or Part-time Nurse with Homage

Looking for the ideal nursing job with a flexible schedule, attractive payouts and lots of upskilling opportunities? Join Homage as a Care Pro today!

by Tan Jia Hui

Wondering where you can find the ideal nursing job with a flexible schedule, attractive payouts and lots of upskilling opportunities? Look no further! 

Homage offers freelance and short-term contract nursing job opportunities to both enrolled and registered nurses. Read on to learn more about becoming a nurse with Homage.

Who can become a nurse with Homage?

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of families under our care, nurses will have to meet the following criteria: 

  • At least 2 years of hospital ward experience
  • Valid Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) license
  • Valid Basic Cardiac Life Support + Automated External Defibrillator (BCLS + AED) certificate
  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (PR) preferred

Flexible work schedules, better work-life balance

If you are an enrolled or registered nurse looking for more control over your schedule and want to have more quality one-to-one time with your patients — we want you! 

Find out the benefits of being a Homage nurse here and join us in making a difference today.

What if I do not have nursing experience?

If you meet all of the above criteria but do not have the relevant nursing experience, you can still submit your application here.

While most of the opportunities will require at least two years of hospital ward experience, we occasionally may have nursing roles where prior experience is not necessary. Our Care Pro Operations Team will inform you of the opportunities available and advise accordingly after receiving your application.

What if I do not have a valid SNB certificate? 

It is mandatory to have a valid SNB certificate to practise nursing in Singapore. 

If you do not have an SNB certificate, you can still join us as a Homage caregiver by filling up the same application form. Training will be provided when you join us, so no prior experience or certification is required.

If you would like to become a nurse in Singapore, learn more about how you can obtain the relevant qualifications in our all-in-one nursing career guide.

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What are the nursing jobs available at Homage?

Freelance Nurses

Suitable for those who want full control over their schedule, the Homage Freelance Nurse role allows individuals to choose only the cases that fit their schedule. Besides flexible hours, freelance nurses also get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • No minimum commitment
  • Competitive payouts
  • Deliver care in various settings, including homes

Short-term Contract Nurses

The short-term contract role is suitable for nurses who prefer a consistent monthly payout but are only able to commit for a short period of time. Homage’s short-term contract nurses will support with the delivery of care at one of our partner organisations for approximately 3 to 6 months. 

Here are the benefits you can expect for the short-term contract nurse role:

  • Choose a fixed or flexible schedule
  • Short-term commitment of only 3 to 6 months
  • Guaranteed monthly payout
  • Gain experience working in top hospitals

Some opportunities even offer monthly bonuses or hourly incentives on top of the base salary if you attain a 100% attendance rate! 

Care Specialists

Care Specialists are highly experienced nurses that join Homage on a full-time basis. Their responsibilities include performing in-person care assessments before a care visit can be scheduled. Follow Lily on her journey as a Homage Care Specialist here.

* Do note that the application process for a Care Specialist is not the same as short-term contract and freelance nurses and that we are not actively hiring for this role at the moment.

What does a Homage Nurse do?

Homage nurses provide both medical and non-medical home care services to families in various care settings, ranging from homes and community care facilities to hospitals.

Home Personal & Nursing Care

  • Vital Signs Checking
  • Medication Care and Administration (Oral/NG feeds)
  • Companionship and Recreational Activities
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Physical Exercises and Activities
  • Meal Preparation
  • Transport Assistance and Escorts
  • Personal Care and Hygiene (Showering / Bed Bath)
  • Respite Care (during the regular caregiver’s days off)
  • Night Caregiving and Surveillance
  • Check-in Visits
  • Personal Grooming (Hair Cut)
  • Caregiver Training at Home

Skilled Nursing Care & Procedures

Tube/Catheter Care

  1. Nasogastric Tube Insertion
  2. Urinary Catheterisation
  3. Change of Urosheath
  4. Suprapubic Catheter Dressing

Medication Administration

  • IV Cannulation
  • IV Administration (Bolus/Infusion) – Including IV TPN and IV Antibiotic administration
  • Injection – Including Intramuscular/Subcutaneous injection
  • CVC/PICC Management
  • PICC Dressing
  • Nebulizer Administration

Stoma Care

  • Colostomy Care – Change of Stoma Wafer and Bag
  • Draining of Stoma Bag

Respiratory Care

  • Change of Tracheostomy Dressing
  • Management of patient with BiPAP machine
  • Suctioning/Oral Tracheostomy
  • Normal Suctioning


  • Nasogastric Tube Feeding
  • PEG Feeding

Wound Care

  • Wound Management – Including Stage 1 – 4 pressure ulcer and surgical wounds
  • Removal of Stitches/Staples

What are the working hours of a Homage Nurse?

Homage care visits range from 1 hour to 12 hours, with breaks in between.

Do Homage Nurses have to work shifts?

  • Freelance nurses can choose to only apply for cases that fit their schedule. No shift work is required.
  • Short-term contract nurses may or may not need to work shifts depending on the partner organisation you are assigned to. Even if you do have to work shifts, you will be able to indicate your preference and choose the shift that best suits your schedule.

How much do Homage Nurses make?

Homage nurses can make up to $27 per hour

Our competitive hourly rate means that you’ll earn more as you deliver more care. Some of our Care Professionals even earn over $5,000 every month!

Here are the hourly payout rates for different types of Homage Care Professionals:

  • Caregivers: Up to $19
  • Enrolled Nurses: Up to $23
  • Registered Nurses: Up to $27

Rates differ depending on the time of day (day or night), and whether the visit is on a weekday or weekend.

Earn over $5,000 per month as a Homage Care Professional

Are you a nurse who is looking for more flexibility in your work schedule? Control your working hours with Homage by choosing between freelance, part-time and full-time opportunities and receive a competitive salary that’s higher than the average income of most nurses. 

Find out more about our career opportunities here.

Why are nurses paid more than caregivers?

While you do not need to be a nurse to join Homage as a Care Professional, some procedures – like tube insertions or injections – can only be performed by licensed nurses. In such cases, nurses are rewarded to match the complexity, knowledge and skill required for such care.

Why are enrolled nurses and registered nurses compensated differently?

Registered nurses and enrolled nurses are both trained to perform nursing care. However, some nursing procedures can only be performed by registered nurses. These include certain types of medical administration, such as PICC dressing. In such cases, registered nurses are rewarded to match the complexity, knowledge and skill required.

Are there different rates for weekends and public holidays?

We understand that weekends and public holidays are precious time typically spent with family and friends. That is why we reward you with higher pay when you care on those days.

What are the benefits of joining Homage as a nurse?

Still considering if you should join Homage? Here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy:

1. Training and Upskilling Opportunities

Besides onboarding, you can constantly upskill and improve the care you deliver through various channels with Homage. 

  • Learn the best practices in home care and nursing through videos on our Homage Academy platform, available on the Homage Care Pro app.
  • Pick up practical care tips in your emails weekly with Care Pro Edition.
  • Receive specialised training for specific medical conditions in partnership with organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Disease Association. See an example here.

2. Call Support & Guidance from the Care Pro Operations Team

Receive live support from the Care Pro Operations Team should you face urgent issues during your care visit. For non-urgent issues, you can easily reach out to our team through the ‘Get Help’ function in our Homage Care Pro app.

3. Receive Payment on a Monthly or Fortnightly Basis

Freelance nurses can look forward to receiving their payouts every two weeks, while short-term contract nurses will receive a consistent income on a monthly basis.

4. Flexible Schedule

Homage nurses have the flexibility to choose when and how much they want to work. There are no minimum hours of care you have to deliver. Even nurses who choose to join Homage on a short-term contract basis only have to commit for a short 3 to 6 months. 

5. Personal Accident Coverage

Insurance coverage is provided, so you can focus on delivering quality care without having to worry about anything else.

6. Competitive Hourly Rates of Up To $27

We believe that top-quality care should be compensated accordingly. The more care you deliver, the more you earn. With our competitive hourly rates of up to $27 per hour, Homage nurses can even earn over $5,000 per month.

7. Deliver Personalised Care

Having a one-on-one care setting allows nurses to fully focus on the care needs of the care recipient and their families, making a greater impact on their lives.

“The one-on-one care setting in the home was a plus for me. This was an opportunity for me to build better rapport with my patients and to tailor personalised care.“ – Fatin, Homage Nurse

Find out why Fatin decided to join Homage as a Care Professional here.

What is the application process to become a Homage nurse?

Interested to join Homage as a nurse? Just follow these 6 simple steps and begin your fulfilling journey as a Homage Care Professional:

Step 1: Send In Your Application

Take a quick minute to fill up and send in your application here.

If you experience an error when sending in your application, you can reach us at [email protected]. Do also include your full name and contact number in the email.

Step 2: Schedule An Interview Slot

You will receive a confirmation email and message immediately after choosing an interview slot. 

In the confirmation email, there will be a quick 3-step process you must complete:

  • Step 2a: Complete the Health Declaration Form
  • Step 2b: Complete the Application Form
  • Step 2c: Watch an Introductory Video of Homage

You can complete these 3 steps anytime before your interview.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled interview due to unforeseen circumstances, you can reschedule your interview slot by clicking on the link in your confirmation email and SMS. Should you need additional assistance, please email [email protected]

Step 3: Attend A Phone Interview

On the day and time of your interview, you will receive a call from one of the members of our Care Pro Operations Team. The phone interview will last approximately 30 minutes.

Step 4: Submit Your Documents

After the interview, you will be required to submit a copy of the following documents through the link in your email:

  • NRIC
  • Valid SNB license
  • Valid BCLS certification
  • SPF record
  • Highest education certification
  • Emergency contact information

Step 5: Complete The Online Onboarding Process

Once the team has approved all documents, you will automatically receive an online onboarding email. This onboarding process will equip you with essential home care skills and introduce how our Homage Care Pro mobile app works.

Step 6: You Are Now A Homage Nurse!

Congratulations! You are now a full-fledged Homage nurse who is equipped with all the necessary skills, knowledge and qualifications to deliver top-notch care to families in our community. 

Become A Homage Nurse Today!

  • Take the first step. Send in your application here and our Care Pro Operations Team will be in touch with you shortly.
  • Learn about the different types of nursing jobs Homage offers here.
  • Looking for a nursing job with short-term commitment? Find out the different opportunities available here.
  • Still undecided whether you should send in that application? Learn more about the motivation behind why our Care Professionals decided to join Homage here!
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