10 Assistive Devices You Can Buy For Your Loved One With MediSave Care Payouts

Assistive devices are one of the most important investments we can make for our loved ones. Find out which ones you can buy with MediSave payouts in this simple guide to mobility aids and other devices.

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If you have a loved one who qualifies for the MediSave Care scheme, find out about the best assistive devices that you can purchase for them depending on their health conditions and what they need most.

What is MediSave Care? 

To summarise, MediSave Care is a long-term care scheme which provides Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who are severely disabled with monthly cash withdrawals. To qualify, you must be aged 30 and above and have been assessed to be unable to perform at least 3 activities of daily living (ADLs). For a list of MOH-accredited assessors, click here.

Under this scheme, you can withdraw up to a total of $200 per month. These monthly payouts can be drawn from your own account or your spouse’s MediSave account for long-term care needs. One way to use your Medisave Care payouts is to purchase an assistive device to help with your daily activities.

MediSave Withdrawal Details 

Under the Medisave Care scheme, the final amount of cash that you can withdraw per month is ultimately dependent on your MediSave Balance.

It is mandatory to set aside a minimum of $5,000 in your MediSave Account to ensure sufficient funds for other medical expenses such as MediShield Life premiums or hospitalisations—note that this amount cannot be withdrawn. 

As such, if your MediSave balance is insufficient, you can choose to tap on your spouse’s MediSave to supplement the withdrawal, up to $200 per month. For example, if you’re withdrawing up to $100 per month from your own MediSave account, the maximum withdrawal amount from your spouse’s MediSave will be up to $100.

Withdrawal amounts are dependent on the care recipient and/or their spouse’s MediSave Account balance as shown in the table below:

MediSave Balance*Monthly Withdrawal Quantum
$20,000 and above$200
$15,000 and above$150
$10,000 and above$100
$5,000 and above$50
Below $5,000NIL
*MediSave balance at the point of monthly withdrawal

Source: Agency for Integrated Care

For stroke sufferers and those with mobility issues

Depending on your loved one’s condition and the type of support that they need, the types of assistive devices that would be most helpful for them would vary.

1. Walking Cane

Source: TODAY

Walking canes can be suitable for those who are still relatively mobile but need help with their other ADLs. High-quality walking canes with added functionalities and features could cost up to a few hundred dollars, while a standard quality walking cane is likely to cost below a hundred dollars. There are also a variety of walking canes with ergonomic features for the user. Quad sticks with a more supportive base can also be purchased for those who need extra support.

Here are some that you can consider: 

Where to buy: Shopee | LazadaAmazon

2. Commode

Commode, assistive devices to buy with Medisave Care payouts
Source: Rainbow Care

A commode is particularly useful for loved ones with more debilitating mobility issues and who need assistance with toileting. At the most basic level, it typically consists of a foldable chair fitted with a chamber pot and armrests. Your loved one can use it to relieve themselves in the comfort of their own rooms or it can be used to wheel them to the toilet as well. Basic no-frills models usually cost around $100 while increased features, functions and amenities may set you back by about a few hundred dollars. 

Here are some you can consider: 

Where to buyEasy WheelsRehab MartThe Golden ConceptsShopeeLazadaAmazon

3. Wheelchair

For those who are paralysed or experience severe mobility issues, a wheelchair may be necessary to retain their quality of life. As a considerable big-ticket purchase, a wheelchair cost up to a few hundred dollars. 

Here are some that you can consider:

Where to buy: Vertex MobilityRainbow CareShopeeLazadaAmazon

4. Car Transfer Aids

Car transfer aid that can be purchased with MediSave Care payouts

Source: The Golden Concepts

Car transfer aids are useful for loved ones who require additional support in moving in and out of private transport. Most basic aids should typically cost below 50 dollars. There are many types of aids available, including handlebars and grips that can be attached to the car’s door for your loved one to hold onto, as well as swivel cushions and transfer sheets for those who require more assistance.

Here are some that you can consider:

Where to buy: Rainbow CareThe Golden ConceptsShopeeLazadaAmazon

5. Walking frames & rollators

Walking frames or rollators can also be useful in helping support your loved one’s movement. Walking frames will be able to help those who require support on both sides of their body. Rollators, which have wheels attached to them, are suitable for those who also require support on both sides of their body but may not have the strength to lift up a walking aid constantly. Rollators may also be a better option for those with cardiovascular issues, such as those who have a history of stroke or heart complications.

Here are some you can consider:

Where to buy: The Golden ConceptsFalcon MobilityShopeeAmazon

For those with hearing problems

For your family members with hearing problems, you can consider buying assistive devices that either help them boost their hearing ability or safely navigate their environment with their MediSave Care payouts.

1. Hearing aids

Hearing aids - assistive devices that can be bought with Medisave Care payouts

Source: NUHS

Hearing aids are important for helping your loved one cope with hearing problems, by making some sounds more audible. However, it is recommended that your loved one first consult an audiologist or doctor to ascertain their hearing status before purchasing any hearing aids for them. 

For a comprehensive guide on the different types of hearing aids and how they each function, click here.

Where to get a consult: The Hearing CentreHearing Partners

2. Personal Sound Amplification Device

Personal sound amplification devices amplify environmental sounds. While they don’t directly compensate for hearing loss and are not meant for those with impaired hearing, they can help to make sounds in the environment louder.

Here are some that you can consider:

Where to buy: ShopeeAmazon 

3. Alerting Devices

Alerting devices can use vibration or visual signals to let someone know when something, in particular, is happening. This could include smoke detectors, baby cry alarms, or doorbell monitors.

Here are some that you can consider: 

Where to buy: LazadaAmazon

For loved ones with dementia

To help your loved ones with dementia, it will be best to purchase devices that can help them along with their daily routine and keep track of their whereabouts and activities. For more guides on dementia care check out our guide to persons with dementia who wander.

1. Medication Reminder Alarm Clock

BluCoil Medication Alarm Clock, an assistive device which can be purchased with MediSave Care Payouts

Source: Amazon

A medication reminder alarm clock will be useful for your loved one and for you to keep track of their daily medicine dosage and ensure that they are taken in a timely manner.

Here are some that you can consider: 

Where to buyShopeeLazadaAmazon

2. FitBit 

FitBits are great for monitoring the activity levels and overall health of your loved one, including their heart rate, sleep cycles, and more.

Here are some that you can consider:

Where to buy: ShopeeLazadaAmazon

3. Location Tracker

Tack GPS Location Tracker, an assistive device which can be purchased with MediSave Care payouts

Source: Tack GPS

Perhaps one of the most important devices to get for loved ones with dementia, location trackers help to ensure they don’t get lost or wander off alone. The Tack GPS Location Tracker is a good option as it has up to 30 days of battery life and works both indoors and outdoors. 

Here are some that you can consider:

Where to buy: ShopeeLazadaAmazon

More places to buy assistive devices

If you’d like to check out the assistive devices in person or require more help with choosing the right type of device, consider these enterprises that provide home healthcare items and equipment, including:

Using Medisave for Home Care

Last but not least, you can also use your Medisave monthly payouts for home care. 

Homage offers a slew of home care services tailored to your needs including: 

  • Personal Care
  • Respite Care
  • Check-in Visits
  • Night Care
  • Post-Surgery 

We hope that this guide has been useful for you. If you’re interested in using your MediSave payout for care in your home, reach out to our Homage Care Specialists at 6100 0055.

Homage provides caregiving services for your loved ones at every stage. Our trained care professionals are able to provide companionship, nursing care, night caregiving, home therapy and more, to keep your loved ones active and engaged. 

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  1. Medisave Care. (n.d.). Agency for Integrated Care. Retrieved October 8, 2022, from https://www.aic.sg:443/financial-assistance/medisave-care
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