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Job opportunities as a Homage Nurse: Freelance, Short-term and Long-term

Why join us as a Homage Caregiver?

Attractive Earnings

Earn competitive rates across our freelance and fixed positions


Choose from various employment schemes and deliver care according to what suits you best

Progression and Opportunities

Upgrade your skills with holistic and specialised training from our training partners and in-house specialists

Insurance Coverage

Professional indemnity for all care visits, enjoy peace of mind while you deliver care

Impact and Meaning

Build a meaningful career and touch the lives of others through caregiving

Beyond Just Homes

Gain exposure to caregiving across a variety of settings including day care centres, nursing homes and hospitals

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Choose between Freelance, Short-Term and Full-Time opportunities. Learn more about the benefits of each opportunity below.

Employment PeriodFlexibleUp to 6 monthsMore than 6 months
Working HoursFlexibleFixed RosterAccording to Employer
EarningsHourlyMonthly SalaryMonthly Salary
BenefitsDiscretionary IncentivesDiscretionary IncentivesDiscretionary Incentives
Income GuaranteeNoYesYes
Insurance CoverageYesYesYes
Employment Period: Flexible
Working Hours: Flexible
Earnings: Hourly
Benefits: Discretionary Incentives
Income Guarantee: No
Insurance Coverage: Yes
Employment Period: Up to 6 months
Working Hours: Fixed Roster
Earnings: Monthly Salary
Benefits: Discretionary Incentives
Income Guarantee: Yes
Insurance Coverage: Yes
Employment Period: More than 6 months
Working Hours: According to Employer
Earnings: Monthly Salary
Benefits: Discretionary Incentives
Income Guarantee: Yes
Insurance Coverage: Yes

Care to help more live independently and confidently

A Homage caregiver is not about having the right formal qualifications. What is important is having the right heart and a dedicated mind for helping another with their daily living tasks and self-care needs.

Our caregivers come from all walks of life and you can be one of us too.

We help families with

  • Showering and toileting
  • Transport / Medical escort
  • Medication reminders
  • Groceries and cooking
  • Companionship
  • Check-in visits
  • Exercises

Get inspired by our caregivers

Christina Quah
Professional Caregiver

“What I really love about being a Care Pro is being able to make an impact on the lives of these seniors. Witnessing their condition improve every visit and seeing the smiles on their faces motivate me to keep doing my best to help as many seniors as I can.”

Professional Caregiver

“I’ve learnt a lot over the years while delivering care through Homage, but one of my most significant learning points is to keep quiet when necessary and to listen to their story.”

Professional Caregiver

“Caring for others brings meaning to my career and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I am able to provide for the needs of those under my care.”

Make Home Care Personal To Your Loved One

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Deliver dedicated home care, nursing care and therapy to more in the community.

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