What Can Your Care Pros Do?

Our Care Pros can help your loved ones travel to medical appointments safely, any time!

They will:

  • Meet your loved one at their home
  • Arrange for a taxi or private car pick-up*
  • Ensure safe transfer in and out of the taxi
  • Accompany your loved one during their consultation and note down what the doctor says
  • Help collect any prescribed medication
  • Arrange for a taxi or private car to bring them back home
  • Accompany them home safely, right to their doorstep
*Any taxi or private car hire charges will be billed to your account.

Who Can Use This Service?

This service is suitable for anyone who:

  • Is unavailable to help loved ones travel to medical appointments
  • Needs help travelling to appointments at a clinic, hospital, or dialysis centre
  • Needs help travelling to a Day Care Centre
  • Needs help travelling back home from appointments

Yes, I Need A
Medical Escort

Simple, Transparent Pricing
Pay as you go
  • No Contract
  • Book only the hours you need

heart disease home care Fewer than 3h

$25/h + $5 transport fee

heart disease home care 3h or more


heart disease home care More than 5h


Get Care Now
Save with a Package
  • Save up to 25%
  • Use 10 hours over multiple sessions
  • Stop whenever you want

heart disease home care 10h for $200

heart disease home care 10h for $240
(if Nursing Care is needed)

Get Care Now

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How We Ensure Your Loved Ones's Safety

Background Checks
Caregiver Training (AIC Certified)
Caregiver Training (AIC Certified)
TB Screening