What is Home Rehabilitation Care

Home rehabilitation care helps loved ones and seniors to facilitate their return to previous activities and lifestyles at home. Care services can involve Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy as well as Speech Therapy.

Offered Home Services

Senior Care Activities

Physiotherapy is the use of physical means such as therapeutic exercises and hands on to help seniors to improve their physical conditions such as gaining strength, improving balance,and walking better with or without walking aids.

Physiotherapy can also benefit those who have heart or lung conditions through therapeutic exercises. Homage therapists are also engaged to support caregivers and helpers by teaching them simple exercises that they can do for seniors, how to properly transfer them as well as walking exercises.

Senior Care Activities

Occupational Therapy uses activities with specific goals to help seniors to participate in activities of everyday living, such as personal care including feeding, dressing and eating. Participation in meaningful activities and roles are essential to the elderly to help maintain and enhance their independence, health, quality of life and wellbeing.A part of occupational therapy is modifying the environmental surroundings of the senior so they can function safely and independently.

Occupational Therapy can also help seniors integrate back into the community and move around with mobility aids such as motorised wheelchairs.

For example, Albert sustains a hip fracture after a fall and had to undergo a hip replacement surgery. After being referred to a Homage occupational therapist, these are the services he may receive:

  • Learn movement techniques for getting out of bed, dressing himself, and using the toilet to protect his fractured hip

  • Home safety evaluation and advice to minimise fall risk and promote safe activity participation

  • Advice on methods to maintain engagement in his leisure and social activities, to move around in the community for his continued quality of life

  • Recommendations of assistive device e.g. Raised toilet seat; Long-handled reacher usage to enhance participation in the above activities mentioned

  • Family/caregiver training on methods to assist Albert’s participation

Senior Care Activities

Homage Speech Therapists help the elderly learn to effectively communicate and speak when their speech is affected by medical conditions.

Speech Therapy also helps seniors to overcome swallowing difficulties that arise from medical conditions such as stroke or other neurological conditions. Speech Therapy can educate and train caregivers and helpers in preparing the correct food consistency to give to the seniors so as to not cause lung infections.

The Best Home Rehabilitation Services

Individuals and elderly requiring physiotherapy services often find great difficulties in bringing seniors out of the home to attend therapy sessions. Our service will greatly benefit them as now the seniors can do therapy hassle-free at their own home. Our therapists include Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapists, who will customise therapy programmes to suit the seniors’ needs and requirements.

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Senior Care Home Care Caregivers


My name is Luke Manimaran, I have been a self-employed Physiotherapist over the past 3 years, providing rehabilitation to individuals in the clinic or home setting, designed to enhance individuals' health through education and lifestyle choices.

I have a total of 17 years of experience working as a Physiotherapist in various settings with different ethnic groups inclusive of acute hospitals, step-down care units and even home-based setting in the community. My passion and work involves maximizing my knowledge and work experience to provide a holistic and effective rehabilitation services to my clients.

I spend my free time doing meaningful activities with my 3 children, engaging in sports, leisure and recreational activities. I aspire to be a role model to my children and clients by encouraging them to embrace physical and recreational involvement for keeping fit till old age.

I have a passion for treating a wide range of conditions and dysfunctions including: Stroke, Dementia, Alzheimer's, Neurological, Spinal Cord Injury, Amputees, Orthopedic, Sports, Gerontological and chronic conditions. I also have a special interest in postural and ergonomic education addressing workplace health factors aiming for long term health and well being.

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