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All Jobs Operations Associate オペレーション・アソシエイト (Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan)

Operations Associate オペレーション・アソシエイト

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Type: Full-time



Homage is looking for an Operations Associate (Live Operations) strongly aligned with its mission to transform the way people access and get home care and improve their lives through personalized care. You will be responsible for the fulfilment of Care Visits by ensuring suitable matches between our Care Professionals (nurses and support worker) and Care Recipients. You will also support our Care Professionals as they provide care and assist in incident management and resolution. You will be working with the Care Operations Lead as well as numerous internal teams to drive business metrics and execute the Homage strategy on the ground. You should be a strong operator capable of independently running operations with a bias to action in driving new initiatives. 

In this role, you will also serve as the voice and ambassador of our business, operations, and customer relations in Japan.





  • Responsible for managing operations (primarily Care Operations) in Japan with ownership on performance targets.
  • Oversee and manage end-to-end care delivery, including qualifying Care Professional assignments, care reporting and care quality
  • Communicate, triage and provide the right resolution to care session incidents and any Client or Care Professionals’ needs, feedback, concerns and escalations
  • Work closely with the Homage Care Advisory team to understand care requirements and provide adequate inputs and feedback to ensure smooth delivery of care to Care Recipients
  • Work closely with the Homage Finance team to ensure smooth payment processes for both Care Professionals and Care Owners
  • Work closely with the Supply Operations team with special projects as well as Care Professional coaching and mentoring
  • Work closely with the Product & Engineering team in order to drive product improvements in order to scale operations processes
  • Opportunities to spearhead ad hoc projects and initiatives with the aim to scale operational processes and improve existing workflows
  • This role has the potential to grow to a Senior Operations Associate depending on performance from the individual


  • 日本でのオペレーションの管理と業績目標を実現する
  • 適切な介護職員の割り当て、業務レポート、介護の質など、徹底した介護の提供を監督・管理する
  • 介護中に発生したインシデントや、ご利用者や介護職員のニーズ、フィードバック、懸念、エスカレーションに関してコミュニケーションを取り、優先順位を決定し、適切な解決策を提供する
  • 要介護者へ円滑な介護を提供できるようにHomageの介護アドバイザーチームと緊密に連携し、介護の必要事項を理解し、適切な情報とフィードバックを提供する
  • Homageの財務チームと連携し、介護職員とご利用者のご家族の双方にとってスムーズな支払いのプロセスを実現する 
  • 社内のチームと密接に連携し、介護職員のコーチングやメンタリングを提供する
  • プロダクト&エンジニアリングチームと緊密に連携してオペレーションプロセスを向上し、プロダクトの改善を推進する
  • オペレーションプロセスの調整や既存のワークフローの改善を目指す
  • 業績次第では、シニア・オペレーション・アソシエイトに昇格する可能性あり



  • Fresh Graduates Welcome; Professional experience ideally in start-ups or operations is a bonus
  • Fluent in Japanese
  • Competency in English is a plus but not a requirement
  • Self-motivated, proactive, hands on and able to work autonomously
  • Demonstrable track record in operations with ability to multitask effectively and adapt quickly to a fast-paced start-up environment
  • Tech savvy and able to pick up and internalize IT solutions and processes quickly; Being able to teach said IT systems to other parties effectively is a bonus
  • Strong interpersonal and written and verbal communication skills
  • An undeniably positive attitude, extreme dedication, and ability to act as a role model to Homage and its values
  • Understanding of the healthcare industry with a passion for caregiving is a major plus


  • 新卒者歓迎。スタートアップやオペレーションでプロとしての経験があれば尚可
  • 日本語が堪能
  • 英語力があれば尚可(必須ではない)
  • 自主性、積極性、実行力があり、規律をもって仕事ができる
  • オペレーションの実績があり、マルチタスクを効果的に実行できる能力や、ぺースの速いスタートアップ環境への迅速な適応力がある
  • テクノロジーに精通し、ITソリューションやプロセスを素早く習得して社内に取り入れることができること。こうしたITシステムを他の関係者に効率よく教えることができれば尚可
  • 優れた対人関係能力と書面および口頭でのコミュニケーション能力
  • 非常に前向きかつ献身的な姿勢を示し、Homageとその価値観のロールモデルとして行動する能力
  • 介護業界への理解と介護への情熱があれば尚可


In other words,

  • You are highly-motivated and want to create huge impact in a fast-growing startup
  • You are a go-getter who is able to work independently
  • You enjoy making day-to-day operations efficient and love finding better ways to improve productivity and “keep the lights on”


  • 高いモチベーションを持ち、急成長しているスタートアップで大きなインパクトを与えたいと考えている方
  • 自立して仕事ができ、自ら積極的に動ける方
  • 日々の業務を効率化し、生産性を向上させて 「前進し続ける」ためのより良い方法を見つけることが好きな方



Homage is a care platform that combines qualified and trained caregivers, nurses, doctors and health care organisations and funders with technology, enabling care, wellness and recovery wherever you are. The work that we do and technology we build transforms lives every hour, every day. We’re looking for people who are talented, driven and motivated by our social mission.




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