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All Jobs Inside Sales Representative インサイドセールス/ケアアドバイザー (Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan)

Inside Sales Representative インサイドセールス/ケアアドバイザー

Open Position: Inside Sales Representative インサイドセールス/ケアアドバイザー

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Type: Full-time 


Homage is redefining in-home caregiving for our parents, grandparents, friends and loved ones. At the heart of Homage are the families and caregivers we work with and the technology we build transforms their lives and care delivery experience. Here, everyone works on exciting, meaningful projects. We move fast, have fun and help each other out.

We’re looking for people who are talented, thoughtful, responsible and passionate individuals who share our values and passion for what we do. Your work will directly impact the lives of people receiving care, people delivering care, and the families that are normally left in the dark about the entire caring process. We're looking for strong team players, people who can work with a very diverse team (engineers, care operations, sales folks.) We’re proudly backed by a group of top local investors, including Golden Gate Ventures, 500 Startups and SeedPlus. 



Homageでは、思いやりがあり、責任感と熱意を持って当社の価値観や情熱を共有できる人材を求めています。この職務は、ご利用者、介護職員、そして介護全般において世間から取り残されがちなご家族のみなさまの生活に直接影響を与えます。私たちは、うまくチームプレイを図って多様なチーム(エンジニア、ケアオペレーション、営業)と一緒に働くことができる人材を求めています。 当社は、Golden Gate Ventures社、500 Startups社、SeedPlus社などの投資家のみなさまから強力な支援を受けています。



The Inside Sales Rep (Care Advisor) will be the first touch point for our customers. You will play a key role in helping families and care organisations get access to caregiving services, while also managing customer experience and expectations.





In this fulfilling role, a Care Advisor gains a deep understanding of the client’s needs and requirements to communicate the most appropriate Homage service offering.


  • Conduct consultative qualification of clients for Homage’s sales process via phone and email
  • Follow-up on inbound leads and articulate the Homage proposition to prospective clients
  • Identify and deliver best next steps or resources to assist customers and users
  • Navigate a high volume of sales leads
  • Build a great client experience by understanding their goals, needs and initiatives
  • Help remove technical barriers for our app users
  • Understand the care landscape and unique requirements to strategically upsell or cross-sell Homage’s offerings
  • Work closely with the Care Operations team to drive process and lead efficiencies within the Care Advisory team




  • 電話やEメールを通して、ご利用者の獲得
  • インバウンドリードをフォローアップし、Homageのサービスをお客様に説明する
  • お客様やユーザーを支援するために最適な次のステップやリソースを特定し、これらを提供する
  • 見込みのあるお客様の管理をする
  • お客様の必要としていることを理解し、お客様に最適サービスを提案する
  • アプリユーザーに対し、技術面での障害を取り除く手助けをする
  • より高額なサービスの販売や組み合わせ販売に向けたHomageの戦略のために、介護の状況や固有の要件を理解する
  • ケアオペレーションチームと密接に連携し、ケアアドバイザーチーム内のプロセスと効率化を図る



  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A Customer-first mentality
  • A growth mindset
  • Initiative to find the relevant resources needed to be successful in this role
  • An ability to work collaboratively to solve problems
  • Receptive to constructive criticism and open to coaching
  • Highly communicative, energetic, loves building relationships and rapport with others and in general a people-person
  • Organised and attentive to details
  • Experience in hospitality, startups or healthcare-related companies is a plus
  • Inbound sales or customer support experience is a plus
  • Fluent in Japanese
  • Competency in English is a plus but not a requirement



  • 優れたコミュニケーション能力
  • お客様第一主義のアプローチを取れる
  • 成長指向のアプローチを取れる
  • この職務を成功させるために必要な関連リソースを発見する自主性
  • 協力して問題を解決する能力
  • 建設的な批判を受け入れ、コーチングに前向きな姿勢
  • コミュニケーション能力が高く、エネルギッシュで、良い人間関係や信頼関係を築き、一般的に人と接するのが好きな方
  • 整理整頓ができ、細部への気配りができる方
  • ホスピタリティ、スタートアップ、ヘルスケア関連企業での経験があれば尚可
  • インバウンドセールスまたはカスタマーサポートの経験があれば尚可
  • 日本語が堪能
  • 英語力があれば尚可(必須ではない)



Homage is a complete home care solution that combines the curation and training of care professionals with smart technology to provide on-demand home caregiving to seniors, allowing them to age at home with comfort, dignity, control and grace. Using a web and mobile technology platform, Homage efficiently matches care recipients with qualified care professionals and schedules caregiving on an on-demand basis to provide recipients with home nursing care, assistance with daily activities and therapy services. Homage works with both private clients and public organizations to provide high quality care to seniors.




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