Physiotherapy for Knee
Elder Care

Physiotherapy 101 – All You Need To Know

By On September 28, 2017

What Do Physiotherapists Do? Physiotherapy is the use of touch and equipment to help people overcome movement problems. Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals trained to help people move when they are unwell or… Read More

Home Physiotherapy
Elder Care

Home Physiotherapy – Benefits and What To Expect

By On September 8, 2017

Home physiotherapy is great for those who need physical therapy but are not mobile or don’t have family available to bring them to appointments. We explain what to expect with home physiotherapy… Read More

caregiving at home
Elder Care

Which Elder Care Service Should You Choose?

By On September 4, 2017

We know caregiving isn't easy, so here are some options you can consider when your helper goes on leave and you need some extra help.… Read More

Homage Speaking to PM Lee Hsien Loong at National Day Rally

Homage in National Day Rally: What Being Involved Means

By On August 23, 2017

It was an honor for Homage to be mentioned at and attend this year’s National Day Rally. In the days leading up to it, the team was very excited and worked together… Read More


Communicating with a Dementia Parent

By On August 7, 2017

Communicating with a parent with dementia is frustrating. Learn the best responses to a dementia parent in these common scenarios.… Read More

types of dementia

10 Types of Dementia – Causes and Symptoms

By On July 13, 2017

Apart from the most commonly known Alzheimer's disease, learn about the other types of dementia and their causes and symptoms.… Read More

Sharen Caur - Homage Care Pro
Care Pros

Sharen Caur: Finding Meaning through Part-Time Nursing

By On July 12, 2017

Caregiving, just like nursing, is a noble and people-oriented job.… Read More

Homage Care Pro - stay home mum
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Jasmine Jay: Stay-Home-Mum to Part-Time Caregiver

By On July 12, 2017

Being a caregiver can be a rewarding job for stay-home-mums who need a job flexible enough so they can care for their kids.… Read More

stages of dementia

7 Dementia Stages and the Care Needed

By On July 11, 2017

You hardly see the stages of dementia coming - they don’t knock on your door to issue a warning. Instead, it is a continuum comprising small behaviours that hit you hard when… Read More

coffee and books

Signs of Dementia – Spot Them Early

By On July 11, 2017

Spotting the early signs of dementia can help to slow its progression, help your loved one age better, and alleviate stress on caregivers. … Read More